Still Standing

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Basically a re-working of According to Jim

    Let's compare Still Standing and According to Jim:

    Still Standing: Set in Chicago
    According to Jim: Set in Chicago

    Still Standing: Husband is a fat slob.
    According to Jim: Husband is a fat slob.

    Still Standing: Wife is hot.
    According to Jim: Wife is hot.

    Still Standing: Three obnoxious kids.
    According to Jim: Three obnoxious kids.

    Still Standing: Neurotic sister-in-law.
    According to Jim: Neurotic sister-in-law.

    Still Standing: No doofus brother-in-law.
    According to Jim: Doofus brother-in-law.

    As you can see the only difference between the two shows is that there's no doofus brother-in-law on the premises of Still Standing. Otherwise, the two shows are carbon copies of the other. Why in the world would CBS want to copy a monument to mediocrity like According to Jim? Not that they improved things. Still Standing makes According to Jim look great by comparison. That it's lasted as long as it has is one of the great mysteries on television today. The creators copied a mediocre show and made money by doing so. Once again the American TV viewing public is made to look foolish because they keep watching this drivel.
  • An excellant show.

    EXCELLANT! I simply love this show. Very funny episodes! It \"Tripped me up\" changing to Wed. night, though. I\'m glad I was surfing last night and found it to be on.
    I can relate so much to these character, Bill and Judy. My life is similar makes it easy to relate.
  • The show revolves around the Millers, a sometimes dysfunctioal, but overall loving family.

    I love this show! The way that Bill and Judy act is hilarious. The kids are great too. I know a lot of people don't like this show, but I think it's really funny.

    Every character is funny in his or her own way...even Tina. I laugh out loud more than once each episode.

    It's a good show that the family can watch as well. Every week my family sits down to watch "Still Standing." It's a half an hour of family time.

    The situations are sometimes realistic as well. There are a number of episodes in which the same thing that happened to the Millers happened to us as well.
  • Great show.

    I love this show, its one of my favorites. Its very realistic. Not to sarcastic which is in a lot of family shows these days. The mother being the one I'd figure wouldn't be funny is infact actually very comical. The youngest kid is even funny. She gets good lines. The Father's jokes make me laugh every episode. This is by far one of my favorite comedys.
  • A very fun show.

    One of the typical fat-guy-pretty-wife shows that are so popular these days. One thing this show has going for it is that both the wife and the husband are rotton parrents, which is refreshing.

    If you like this show better than According to Jim and King of Queens, but not a lot better.
  • A fairly traditional family sitcom

    This show is about as traditional as it comes, but then again, it's a family sitcom. The genre is not really known for its inventive or innovative nature. Still the show makes me laugh. The cast is pretty strong and the writing is fairly good. On the other hand, it is all tried and true territory. An interesting thing this show does do is that it deals with the role reversal between parent and child much more often than most family sitcoms. This show usually pulls a couple laughs out of me. Not the best show, but certainly not the worst.
  • Funny family show

    I think this show is funny and suitable for the whole family. I like it. I think it is a good comedy. I think the t.v. show desplays a family in today\'s world. They are not rich. The t.v. family is very down to earth and funny and i like it a lot.
  • I dont need to 50 words to sum up why i watch this show i need only two.....Jamie Gertz.

    Jamie Gertz is one hot chick !!! But besides her, the show is pretty funny. I guess it is because i have kids that i can relate to, but i sure enjoy looking at Ms. Gertz every Monday night. I would have love being the kids jumping on the trampuline, man how come i never had that happen in my neighborhood.
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