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  • Best Show

    Best show ever made. They really need to release it out on DVD. I'd buy the whole set if it came out. Absolutely love this show. It is so funny. If you have not seen it, you'll love it.
  • One of the best sitcoms.

    This remains one of my all time favorite sitcoms and for good reason. Each character is well done.

    Bill is a chubby, lazy dad, similar to Homer Simpson, but not that lazy and was even trying to prove he could do stuff in one episode.

    Judy has to be the funniest sitcom mom ever, sometimes going against Bill's schemes but then joins in and acts like she's still in high school, breaking the responsible mom formula found in most sitcoms.

    Brian, is the most responsible member of the household, which often makes him the joke of the family, yet both Bill and Judy have admitted they would depend on Brian's success.

    Lauren is the middle child of the family, suffering teenage drama, yet also showing almost zero effort in high school studies.

    Tina, the youngest, is the second smartest of the children and often has better schemes and is considered quite creepy.

    I love how Bill makes fun of Linda's love life.

    I loved this sitcom so much that during its ABC Family run, I would get extremely angry when ABC Family would run a marathon of one of its dramas especially considering the fact that I'm not a big fan of dramas. I miss this show.
  • Love it Where it is on TV??

    I love this show. I can't find it on DVD anywhere. Jamie Gertz is good in Undercover

    Christmas. Help please to find the tv channel to watch old episodes.
  • Wow! Seriously, this show is NOT popular?

    I don't understand how "funny" shows are not popular and don't last so long while "stupid" shows are on the air for decades. This is the most underrated, under-appreciated show I have seen EVER.

    Honestly, every episode will make you laugh. It is very rare to find a show where the characters are weaved in perfectly with one another, the writing is smart (if a little lame sometimes, that's fine) and the laughs are just unexpected.

    Seriously, Two And A Half Men is funnier this? Wow. Some people just don't understand entertainment.
  • Funny Show

    Nice and funny show with a funny cast and Mark_Addy does a great American Accent. Loved him in The Thin Blue Line. Excellent show and nice to see it on ABC Family. Mark is famous for the Tesco adverts. Still Standing is about two parents who don't really care about their children. Which is funny in my opinion I don't know why it ended after 4 seasons, but I guess that is what TV is like now got to do good or your out. Still Standing first aired on September 30, 2002 and last aired on March 8, 2006.
  • I love the show

    I did see that you could buy the full series of Still Standing at but since I don't see it on sale at regular stores, I'm not 100% sure that the DVDDonkey site is completely legitiment. I do agree with everyone though. I absolutely loved the show and the fact that CBS cancelled that, when there were others at that time that absolutely sucked, it totally unfair. I tried to watch every episode. I still watch it at night at 1:30 am on FOX (Easter Time) which is the only time I can find it on any show now.
  • love the show

    This show is so humorous that I find myself laughing out loud. None of the current shows do anything close to this show. It's the only show that I want to watch. The show has family themes, adult humor and is like a blend of the 80s comedy shows with a postmodern twist on family life. I wish that this show would come back with the original writers. I haven't heard such original humor in a long time. Wherever they are now, they are really good at their jobs. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who is interested in a good laugh.
  • This show makes my day.

    I have never seen a show that more closely mimics real life situations. I can't get enough of this show! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I will buy every episode no matter what the price. The situations that occur in this family are realistic to so many families, that it makes me think that I should be living this show. I don't know why they canceled this show, but I treasure every episode. I have always been a trekie and a star wars fanatic, but I value this show above all else. I check all the time, every day, to see if it has been released on DVD. I want to be the first to own this show.
  • Still Standing is an hilarious comedic sitcom of a typical American family whom expresses themselves the way real people do in real life situations.

    Still Standing is a fabulous show! Here's the scoop. I came across it while I was sick in bed and never watched it while it aired. Maybe it aired during an off-hour? I'm sad I had missed it then and so grateful to stumble upon it now. The show is hilarious, refreshing and honest! True to life's everyday's experiences. What makes the show so fantastic is the writers ability to express each character's inner feelings, their insecurities, their fears, their needs and wants even their selfishness. They really express it just the way a person really feels inside. Therefore they get rejected and hurt and sad just like us regular people! No pretentious covering up as if we're all perfect with a Hallmark Card ending and a fake hug. But it's done with laughter so it comes off light and certainly makes us feel like "We're not the only one feeling this way". The characters are wonderful and play their part just as a mom, dad, children, sister, etc. really would act in reality. And that's what makes Still Standing so funny because it is true to life! I'm a big fan of King of Queens and now I'm a fan of Still Standing! So if it's repeats that I had to watch then it's the repeats. But do bring it back! I'm sure others never got to see it as well. Sharon of
  • Two people who met in school and got married.

    Family. A thing that means a lot to certain people and the trouble that people(parents) go through to maintain a stable family. What am I saying, they are hysterical. Its basically an average family, you know not them television families, but a real family. They have three kids; one who is smart(the youngest), one who is uhhh......a burnt out filament in a light bulb, and then there's the son, who, although smart, is ignored. Its basically something that every family has. A not so smart child and one who is smart. Where the smart one is usually the one ignored, not sure why, and the dumb ones are always heard. Weird.
  • A show that had everything. Great writing, humor, great characters and Great acting.

    Rarely is the television audience rewarded for their dedication. Still Standing was a show that deserved a longer life than given. A perfect cast,great acting and better than shows that lived on longer I.E. Everyone loves Raymond,Home Improvement and Married with chidren.Compare the acting, storylines and characters on those shows.The chemistry between Judy and Bill was classic. Hats off to all the guest stars as well. Sally Struthers was perfect. Shame on the network for cancelling a show that deserved to be recognized. Shame on the world for letting it get away.
    Thank God it lasted long enough for syndication.
    Still standing in our hearts !!!
  • LOL! thats all I can say about this show

    This show is soo funny! It is the best. I watch it everyday. This show is just basicall a normal family, trying to live with all of their flaws. Bill and Judy might not seem like the best parents. But, you know, they really are fun, and down to earth. My favorite is LAuren. She is soo funny. She tries to get away with everything, but always gets caught, Its hilarious. The writer and director should get a BIG two thumbs up! Brian is funny too. The nerdy boy that ALMOST every family has. (not just an immediate family. Cousins, aunts and uncles too) Tina is adorable! Linda is funny too. Bill, as long as he has a beer, and is siiting on the couch watching a game he is okay. This show is basically a NORMAL family (that needs a couple adjustments)
  • Wow, I don't know I how missed this show!

    I dont know how it took me so long to find this show but if you love family situation comedies then this is one for you! Another classic to add to the list along with Roseanne, Home Improvment and Reba. Try just one episode and I promises you will love it just as much as everything else. I really wish I had watched when it was on in first run episodes and then maybe it would still be putting out new episodes. The relationship between husband and wife, father and son, it really touches on what the average American family is like. Trust me, you wont be disappointed with this show one bit!
  • Go to and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!!

    Excellent Show!!

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.
  • i love this show i watch it everyday i wish they would have keep it longer

    This show is a laughing riot my dad and i everyday watch this show even if we have already seen it because it never gets old why was it canceled again? Bill and Judy always make me laugh Bill more i think hes my favorite character the two it gets better every episode and i don't think i can even think of a episode were i was let down i wish there were more episodes any way i would highly recommend this show to anyone who needs a good laugh and i give this show a 10 which it earned so...
  • This is show is hilarious, i can't believe i never watched it when it was CBS

    I started watching this show when it premiered on mynetwork tv about a year ago, i have to say, i was extremely suprised by how funny it was, i couldn't believe i had never heard of it until it was canceled but thats mostly because i hate CBS. I now watch this show every day i get the chance, sometimes six episodes a day between lifetime and mynetwork. i don't find cbs comedies very funny, especially the ones on now but everytime i watch this show i die laughing, i like all the characters except lauren, but everyone else is hilarious, i know brian went off to college and everything but this show shouldn't have been canceled
  • Parent's Bill & Judy, high school sweethearts from the 80's stumbling thru parenthood with 3 kids and all just staying 1 step ahead of family services. Bill is a toilet salesman in the mall. Judy is a dental assistant, and a spinster aunt.

    1st there was married with children, then came Roseanne. And finally they got it right with Still standing. Real blue collar people. They try to act like they don't like the kids, but they're not kidding anyone. You really can't help but like this show. The cast seem to really like being with each other. And it comes thru in the show. It's been cancelled, but it's showing in many places in reruns. This is a show you'll love from the start no matter which episode you come in on. The writing creates a new show with every episode with the same cast. There are no [continued] episodes, each one is an original.
  • Very good

    This is one of the best sitcoms to date, because it has a great plot, it has great comedy values, and is just very interesting. This show has really cool characters, and the family seems to be well with each other, not once was I bored seeing this. I mean this show is not like any of those shows like Everybody Loves Raymond that lasts for many many years, however it is really good. I can not say anything negative about the show, because there is nothing I see wrong with it. I like the show and couldn't resist the perfect score of this family friendly show.

    I loved this show so much. Why did they cancel it? Still Standing was the best show ever and it was really funny. Bill, Judy, and the kids were so funny to watch. I really loved the episode where they took Lauren to the Blink 182 concert for her birthday. That episode was really great! I also really liked the last episode ever. It was a really good episode also. I still watch the re-runs of this show, but I really wish it would not have ended. Still Standing is the best show ever and I miss it so much.
  • I can totally identify with the characters and humor in the show. The writing is terrific.

    How did I miss seeing this when it was when it was in regular sydication? It breaks me up. I watch the reruns, and I know what they're going to say and do, and I still bust up laughing. Thank god to made it to cable so I can catch the reruns from 3 to 6 every day. i don't know aht else to say but I need to find the fan club and become a member. Judy Miller is hot and where were women like that when I was single and younger. I'll find one like her some day.

    i always watched this show on lifetime channel. i came across this show on that channel and that was when i began to watch it all the time!!!they used to have an hour showing on the old upn channel but now they have only one episode which made me sad!!! they need to bring this show back. it is a great funny show. and in my opinion it was better than a lot of shows that are on tv now...They need to bring this show back asap!!!
  • great show really want it back

    well this show is really great the show might not all be that original but they really make me laugh. also the ast is great with great talent . until now i till dont know why they cancelled it coz it was one of the last really funny sitcoms on tv . especially the ending was that great compared to the rest of the show . so really as well i know it probably won t happen i really hope they bring this show back. and for the rest try to catch reruns if you can as it will probably be worth it .
  • This is the most comedic show on television. All the characters are compatable and act very well with eachother. I watch this show everyday and seeing this show go on would be awsome. This show depicts a normal family in today's society. Don't let it go..

    I give this show 2 thumbs up. It's funny and entertaining. The characters work well together and the timing is perfect. It shows the average everyday life of a typical family and although the parents act like they don't get along with thier children they would do anything for them. That is a normal family. This show desearves to continue and should. Why get rid of something that the whole world loves to watch? They learn by it and are compatable with the show. I love it and hope that my children will be able to watch it later.
  • Love the show! It's amazingly funny, the cast works well together and they really make you laugh. By far my favorite show on television!

    I absolutely love this show. I TiVo it on both Lifetime and my local channel. I really wish they would bring it back. I've seen all the reruns at least 3 times and still watch it everyday. What can I say? It's hilarous! It's also a show that all family members can enjoy. I can't understand how they could take such a great show off the air. Please Bring It Back!!!!
  • Outstanding, amazing, and hilarious show!!!

    Still Standing is a hilarious, classic show about a Chicago family, named the Millers, with a married couple, 3 kids, and the wifes sister. The couple, Bill and Judy, 40, were high school sweethearts, who barely passed high school and had 3 kids. The kids, Brian, Lauren, and Tina, are all a different age and have different styles. Brian, the geek, is a smart kid of about 16 who always has straight A's but rarely has a girlfriend. Lauren, 14, the popular one, is about an average student who is popular and always has a boyfriend. Tina, the young one, is about 8 and makes pretty good grades in school. And finally Linda, 39, is Judy's unmarried sister who Bill always makes fun of. This is a very good show!!!!!!!
  • Bring this show back!!!!!!

    Bill and Judy are such a great couple and deserve to come back with their "intersting" brood of kids. Brian is hysterical! Being a child of the 80's I soooooo pick up on their comments and nuances and I absolutely love love love this show. I have always loved Jamie Gertz and think she is a fabulous actor. It's nice to wee mark Addy is not a buff, toned type of guy- now how about a hot guy and chubby wife show?????? Lifetime TV made a great move is picking up Still Standing, maybe they could convince the actors to come back for new episodes?
  • this showw is awesomee!! in case any of you guys didnt know, its still on the air! its on every week day at 5 and 7 at night on lifetime! but anyway this show rockss! i just cant get enough of it!=]]

    this show should definitly still be airing new episodes! me and my sisters watch it everyday! even if we look at the clock and its exactly 5 o clock and were doing something really important, we just drop everything and we say to each other omg still standing is on!!!!!!!! and we go watch it and then sometims we watch reba at 6 or well go back to what we were doing and then do the same thing again at 7 thats how great this show is i have gotten all of my friends and family intoo it because this show is just soo great you just cant stop watching! this show is so great! and its even greater because it realates to our family so while were watching it well just be like wow! that sounds exactly like our family! the 2 families are so alike its amazing!
  • A Great Show

    It was a great show, maybe the most funniest show ever. I live in Iceland, and they are still showing it here because we get the shows later than you in USA. I love Judy, Bill and Linda... oh what the hey i love all of them. I don't miss a show it is shown on Thursday nights at 21:30 PM. I love the voice of Judy thats like 35% why a watch the show because it makes the show funnier.I think my favorite episode is when Bill, Judy and the kids threw the toiletpaper on their neighbours house. Thank you for reading this. :)
  • A hilarious show.

    Bill is a regular man. He's lazy, sports lover, ect. He's married to Judy. They still do crazy things like they did in high school. Their first kid is a boy named Brian. He is a science geek who knows nothing about sports and woman. Everyone constantly make fun of him. Their second daughter is Lauren, she is just an average young teenager and later in the series she in her mid-teens. Their youngest daughter is Tina. She is just a regular kid. Judy's sister hangs out at their house alot. She is constantly trying to nudge herself into their family.
  • Still Standing....SHOULD BE Still Standing... enough said!!!!

    Love this show,only show I could not wait to watch on tv with both my daughters, we looked so forward to it all week...Why is it cancelled..WHY??? so so funny ...My daughters and I finally found a show we can all watch together and wow it is off the about family let us down

    Charmaine, NJ
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