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  • I dont need to 50 words to sum up why i watch this show i need only two.....Jamie Gertz.

    Jamie Gertz is one hot chick !!! But besides her, the show is pretty funny. I guess it is because i have kids that i can relate to, but i sure enjoy looking at Ms. Gertz every Monday night. I would have love being the kids jumping on the trampuline, man how come i never had that happen in my neighborhood.
  • Funny family show

    I think this show is funny and suitable for the whole family. I like it. I think it is a good comedy. I think the t.v. show desplays a family in today\'s world. They are not rich. The t.v. family is very down to earth and funny and i like it a lot.
  • A fairly traditional family sitcom

    This show is about as traditional as it comes, but then again, it's a family sitcom. The genre is not really known for its inventive or innovative nature. Still the show makes me laugh. The cast is pretty strong and the writing is fairly good. On the other hand, it is all tried and true territory. An interesting thing this show does do is that it deals with the role reversal between parent and child much more often than most family sitcoms. This show usually pulls a couple laughs out of me. Not the best show, but certainly not the worst.
  • A very fun show.

    One of the typical fat-guy-pretty-wife shows that are so popular these days. One thing this show has going for it is that both the wife and the husband are rotton parrents, which is refreshing.

    If you like this show better than According to Jim and King of Queens, but not a lot better.
  • Great show.

    I love this show, its one of my favorites. Its very realistic. Not to sarcastic which is in a lot of family shows these days. The mother being the one I'd figure wouldn't be funny is infact actually very comical. The youngest kid is even funny. She gets good lines. The Father's jokes make me laugh every episode. This is by far one of my favorite comedys.
  • The show revolves around the Millers, a sometimes dysfunctioal, but overall loving family.

    I love this show! The way that Bill and Judy act is hilarious. The kids are great too. I know a lot of people don't like this show, but I think it's really funny.

    Every character is funny in his or her own way...even Tina. I laugh out loud more than once each episode.

    It's a good show that the family can watch as well. Every week my family sits down to watch "Still Standing." It's a half an hour of family time.

    The situations are sometimes realistic as well. There are a number of episodes in which the same thing that happened to the Millers happened to us as well.
  • An excellant show.

    EXCELLANT! I simply love this show. Very funny episodes! It \"Tripped me up\" changing to Wed. night, though. I\'m glad I was surfing last night and found it to be on.
    I can relate so much to these character, Bill and Judy. My life is similar makes it easy to relate.
  • Basically a re-working of According to Jim

    Let's compare Still Standing and According to Jim:

    Still Standing: Set in Chicago
    According to Jim: Set in Chicago

    Still Standing: Husband is a fat slob.
    According to Jim: Husband is a fat slob.

    Still Standing: Wife is hot.
    According to Jim: Wife is hot.

    Still Standing: Three obnoxious kids.
    According to Jim: Three obnoxious kids.

    Still Standing: Neurotic sister-in-law.
    According to Jim: Neurotic sister-in-law.

    Still Standing: No doofus brother-in-law.
    According to Jim: Doofus brother-in-law.

    As you can see the only difference between the two shows is that there's no doofus brother-in-law on the premises of Still Standing. Otherwise, the two shows are carbon copies of the other. Why in the world would CBS want to copy a monument to mediocrity like According to Jim? Not that they improved things. Still Standing makes According to Jim look great by comparison. That it's lasted as long as it has is one of the great mysteries on television today. The creators copied a mediocre show and made money by doing so. Once again the American TV viewing public is made to look foolish because they keep watching this drivel.
  • Quite funny

    It may not be as good as other comedies but at least it has some laguhs in it. The character Mark Addy plays " Bill Miller" is the funiest. I think this show deservers to have another season. They should try and write the script better to and make is more intresting.
  • A very funny show.

    I have enjoyed still standing ever since it premiered. I have come to love the show as a matter of fact, it only seems to get better as it goes on. Bill and Judy are deranged and it's fun to see how much more their 3 kids has it together than they do. I honestly believe that this is the best out of any of the current sitcoms which we have now.
  • very funny show,everyone works so well together

    Just love this show,the writers make the show worth watching each week.The son,Taylor Ball who plays Brian in this is just so very funny,as well as everyone else.You just feel so bad for him,that it makes you laugh.Jamie Gertz,Judy is great love her character.All the characters work so well together,there timing is always on.Jennifer Irwin whos character is Linda is awesome, very witty.Renee Olstead(Lauren) and Soleil Borda(Tina) are fabulous as sisters.We have seen Renee in other things as well, great actress.Mark Addy's character Bill is just so "fresh" to everyone with every so often a touch of compasion.He just keeps me laughing.Great show I'll keep watching.
  • their should be more tv shows like this one

    i love this show and who would not like this show still standing is the only sitcom that makes me laugh i love bill judy linda and the rest of the cast the caracters fits this show perfectly their really should be more shows like this one its just the best in thats all i have to say watch it your be glad you did trust me
  • Pretty funny show

    When the series premire came out in 2002 the first 5 min i was literally laughing so hard. This show is so funny in its own way. I missed the 3rd season but now im getting in to it now in the 4th season. The episodes are pretty entertainig and funny, but not as fun than the 1st and 2nd season.
  • Still Standing is a very underrated and underappreciated sitcom. Just give it a chance, you won't be disappointed! :D

    Still Standing is a basic, but clever television sitcom about two high school sweethearts, three kids, and the wife's sister. This show is sometimes portrayed as a copy of According to Jim, which one could make the argument for, but Still Standing proves to be the funnier and more comedial of the two. Just give it a chance if you haven't seen it yet, it is really good. Give it a chance! :D
  • My husband and I LOVE this program. It is great family comedy and realistic. We are VERY UPSET it has never been on any award shows. PLEASE DO NOT get rid of this show. It is relaxing comedy for all that is going on in our society today.

    We want this show to stay on the air in prime time. It is funny, relaxing comedy for our society today. These other war, hospital, criminal shows need to go OFF THE AIR. We need more of YES DEAR, STILL STANDING, TWO AND A HALF MEN, WHO LOVES RAYMOND, SEINFELD. ETC. ETC
  • last night's episode

    Last night's episode was very enjoyable.
    It was different from other still standing episodes but it made you think more. The ending was the best when they described to the audience the plot and how thier son ratted them out. This show seems to be overlooked all the time but I find my self enjoying more than some other shows.
  • What started as a funny interesting sitcom is spiralling into a dud.

    When this show started, it was fantastic. A Sitcom like the Cosby Show but with a twist. The parents have done it all and good luck to the kids in getting away with anything. They were good people bringing up their family with the knowledge of the funny/dark side.

    It was very witty and the cast really worked well together.

    Unfortunately as each episode goes by, the parents are being turned into terrible people who would hurt anyone they could as its their nature. Its become a poor version of the BBC show Absolutely Fabulous (which perfected the mature child and childish parent and was exceptionally funny - yet kept some morale ground).

    The cast itself is quite good. The only question is Jennifer Irwin, but it seems more like a writer/director issue, then her acting ability.

    While its failing and dying, it is still funny. As well, there's no question you have enough beautiful females on the show to make most males pretty happy (of any age).

    What started as a great show, is spiralling downwards, and will die.
  • Let's start with the biggest reason why this show is so bad.

    The actors chosen for the characters in this show were horribly miscast, and therefore, their performances are very unbelievable. Addy does a terrible job of trying to cover up his British accent with a fake Brooklyn accent. When the casting director was originally considering Addy for this role, did they happen to stumble upon the awful job he did as Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas? Gertz is a good actress, but she cannot convincingly pull off blue-collar.

    The writing is bad in this show too. When Bill is giving his son Brian advice on how to talk to girls, he asks him if he wanted to be in the �wanna-touch-a-boobie club. That line actually sounded funnier coming from my friend who happen to get a chance to preview the scene before it aired then when I actually saw the scene. I'd give you more examples, but I gave up on the show after the second episode.

    JUST KIDDING!!! I actually really like this show.
  • My family arranges their schedule around this show…it is so much like our family….it let’s us laugh at ourselves.

    When the show was on Monday nights, my son would make sure he was at home so we could all watch this funny show together. Now that it has been moved to Wednesdays, it has been harder to sit down and watch. There are church functions, band practices, etc. Monday nights are the best viewing nights for comedies. I think that King of Queens has run its course and Still Standing needs to be moved back to Mondays. Why is it just when you get to like a show, the networks move them around and by the time you find them again, they have cancelled the program or put the show on hiatus? Such as the case with Out of Practice and Still Standing…My family’s two favorites. Quit messing with the line ups.
  • Still Standing is a very good show that doesn't always shove morals at you.

    This is a very good show, and it was very original. (Until The War at Home copied it) It is about a family with inattentive parents who aren't very good rule models. They have three children, blah, blah, blah....

    Basically it's a not-so-sitcommy sitcom. They act like real people (although they are a little tooo "real"). It doesn't have "perfect" parents, and it is a very funny show. Unlike a lot of shows where the father is lazy/dumb and the mom is super-mom (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.) They are both lazy parents who manage to get by...

    I give this show a very good rating, and I'm very dissapointed to see that it won't be returning this year. (Although last season ended well, with Brian leaving for college)
  • i love this show!

    awesomely funny-staight up real life funny!!! jamie gertz is awesome - so different than her 80s flix. great comedy - the spitten image of my husband and i. very fun and very funny i bet a lot of people could relate- i just hope that lifetime doesn't take this iff hte air - i unfortunatlye didn't find out abou this show ntil it hit life time and it had been cancelled- quite a bummer! i don't see how shows liek this tend to be canceled within th first couple of years... just like my other favorite, becker, i have to settle for the rerun life of a great show! bring it back!!!!!
  • Cute show. They try, but everything just goes so wrong.

    I really like this show. I just started watching it since it came to Lifetime. It was usually an hour of me looking for something to watch. But since I have found this show it is all I look for hoping to catch a few more episodes. It is an unusual becuase most show all they worry about is teaching morals and lessons. Well this one does also but in a different type of light. It shows how going overboard is something of the norm now days. But I find it a totally loveable show and if you haven't seen it yet, you really need to give it a chance. You'll love it.
  • funny!

    i love this show!!! it never fails to make me laugh even when i am in a really bad mood! this is one of the funniest shows for me.... and i love the way how things go all wrong and sometimes it seems that they really hate each other but i love the way they still are a family at the end of the day and that's all that really matters right? this show teaches us that no matter how screwed up our family relationships are there could always be a solution! ahahha! im sorry for going all like dr.phil on people... sorry....
  • Great Show!!

    I just started to watch this show a month ago. I never watched it when it originally aired, but I did hear about it. I tape it on lifetime from 12-1, and it also airs from 12:30-1 on the CW.I can't believe I missed this show from 2002-2006. When I caught the first episode I immediatly loved it. I am constantly laughing out loud which is a rarity considering the sitcoms that are on now. I cannot believe this show got cancelled and other garbage is still on. I wish myself and others would have watched it before, because the ratings would have been better and it still may be on the air now. I am so grateful that I can watch all the seasons now, and I am given a second chance to meet the Miller Family and all the crazy stuff that goes on in their house. The entire cast is great and the family is "real", which I can relate to. I watch the re-runs with my 13 year old daughter because there are many episodes that revolve around Brian and Lauren dealing with typical teenage issues. Keep it up Lifetime and the CW!! Thank you for airing this original,funny and warm show.
  • Great show

    This was a great show. They need to bring it back. I love it, very funny and I can relate to it!!! I started my family young, at 18. My daughter is 4 now and growing fast. I just loved this show. I laughed so hard when this show was on that I thought i was going to wake her up! It was a funny show and have no idea why they got rid of it. Just because Brian graduated, Lauren is still young and so is Tina. They can still do something with that. Tina was adorable. BRING IT BACK!
  • This show should really be brought back!!! If not for a full season, but atleast for a reunion! It was totally hilarious!!!

    This show is definitely worth a second chance!
    For it reflected so many issues in life....with out diverting from its genre --- comedy. For it was absolutely funny.

    The Miller family is definitely a family that will be forever remembered on television.

    This show basically surrounded the life of two high school sweethearts and their three kids...added to that a sister-in-law, mother-in-law and a father-in-law, and you've got yourself a very full crazy house.

    The best thing about the Miller's, is that they faced every day issues and problems, but at the end of the day, they were still family and still loved each other.
    As their theme song goes: "...i'm still in love with you today, cause you make me happy..."
  • A show that, despite sometimes humorous moments, never rises among mediocrity.

    Since Lifetime started airing Reba and Still Standing, I've been stuck watching both series on an almost daily basis. Still Standing is a show about a "blue collar" family. The main problem with the show is that it doesn't really do anything different. In fact, the whole concept of the "Blue Comedy Family" hasn't really been innovated since Roseanne, and frankly, and no show has really been able to capture the "blue collar" family better than Roseanne did during it's first few seasons. Not that Still Standing is a horrible show. It has some close to laugh-out-loud moments and the acting is much more solid than other shows, such as Reba, the only real weak link in the acting department is Taylor Ball as Brian, in episode where he was supposed to be legitimately angry, he really just stared ahead and yelled. I won't mention Soleil Borda, who plays Tina, since most children hired to be the "baby" of the family are there for cuteness, other than their acting chops. The best part of the series has to be Jami Gertz, as Judy, the matriarch of the family. She's able to do the most with what she's given, and is part of the funnier parts of the series. Mark Addy does a fine job as well, but the character of Bill never really rises among the stereotypical "Bumbling, lazy father" character. And the character of the aunt, despite some decent acting, feels too much like Jackie from Roseanne. Overall, Still Standing is better than some of the typical family sitcoms out there, but the main problem is that for the most part, it's unoriginal. Far better than Reba, though, that show sucks.
  • Could have been a classic.

    I didn't even know this show existed until it was put into syndication, which is very unfortunate. This is a great show with so many very humerous moments. The show tells the story of a working class family who, on the surface, is a little rough, but these are such well developed charcters that we know how they all really do care for each other and work together to make their family strong. This show is underappreciated and, I feel, not given a fair chance by the network. Maybe if it were promoted better or given a better time slot (I don't even know when it was originally on), more people would have been watching. I would love to have the chance to see new episodes of this show.
  • this show is very different from the shows i'm used to watching

    this show is completely different to shows cool parents trying to be hip to their kids but still setting some rules in the process. it is so funny how they end up doing stuff and i love how they compare what they did in the past to their kids because then they can break their mom is the same way...she thinks i'm like her and i'm not...anyways...i love the son because it isn't the son they hoped for but every once in awhile he makes them proud...this whole show is funny and i'm sad that there won't be any new episodes...the show is so hilarious because it's a new way of parenting that i would love...i love watching it all the time and hope to catch every episode
  • Still Standing is hilarious! I wish they would bring it back. Prime-time hasn\\\'t had something this funny in a long, long time.

    I cannot believe that CBS pulled the plug on this show. I haven\\\'t laughed out loud watching a prime-time show in a long, long time. It was nice to have a show that the entire family could watch and enjoy. The only disappointment and/or criticism I have is Sally Struthers as Bill\\\'s mother. I think the role could have worked a lot better with someone else. The character was supposed to be annoying, but Ms. Struthers wasn\\\'t able to pull it off. She came across as someone trying to act like someone who is annoying. Regardless, I am still a fan and greatly disappointed in CBS for dropping this program.
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