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  • How is this show "Still Standing"....?

    Horribly predictable and unoriginal, "Still Standing's" jokes fall completely flat, and it relies on every tired family TV sitcom cliché out there: the slow-witted somewhat overweight husband, the hot wife, the moody teenage daughter, and the nerdy son. This show is one of the reasons the traditional sitcom is dying.

    I might also add that "Still Standing" is a complete waste of Jami Gertz and Mark Addy's talent. I've always liked these two actors in their multiple film roles, but cringe anytime each of them delivers a tiring line in this show.

    To the viewers, recommendation.... Turn this drivel off, and try a classic family sitcom, like "The Dick Van Dyke Show" or "Everybody Loves Raymond", or something with more wit and originality like "Arrested Development" or "Scrubs". "Still Standing" is a waste of precious airtime.

  • horrible sickcom

    this is a horrible sick com that never makes me laugh. The family is stupid and pathetic. The plot for all the episodes suck and all the characters are non likable. This show has never made me laugh. Even time i watch it i barf because its that bad. I'm glad that this show is over and i hope nobody watches it because if they do then they are wasting there life. I hate sickcoms like this. They try way too hard to be funny and even when they come up with a slightly funny joke they butcher it. I hate this show
  • Basically a re-working of According to Jim

    Let's compare Still Standing and According to Jim:

    Still Standing: Set in Chicago
    According to Jim: Set in Chicago

    Still Standing: Husband is a fat slob.
    According to Jim: Husband is a fat slob.

    Still Standing: Wife is hot.
    According to Jim: Wife is hot.

    Still Standing: Three obnoxious kids.
    According to Jim: Three obnoxious kids.

    Still Standing: Neurotic sister-in-law.
    According to Jim: Neurotic sister-in-law.

    Still Standing: No doofus brother-in-law.
    According to Jim: Doofus brother-in-law.

    As you can see the only difference between the two shows is that there's no doofus brother-in-law on the premises of Still Standing. Otherwise, the two shows are carbon copies of the other. Why in the world would CBS want to copy a monument to mediocrity like According to Jim? Not that they improved things. Still Standing makes According to Jim look great by comparison. That it's lasted as long as it has is one of the great mysteries on television today. The creators copied a mediocre show and made money by doing so. Once again the American TV viewing public is made to look foolish because they keep watching this drivel.
  • Married with children meets King Of queens

    Please. Stupid show - got what it deserved - cancelled! Fat guys, ugly wives spawns Mike and Molly...
  • I don't like this show.

    Sorry, but I can't stand Still Standing. I find the humor unoriginal and rather predictable. The characters are just so generic and the "humor" on the show seems so forced and expected. They do have some decent actors and actresses, but aside from that, the show just makes me bored. I know that some people think the show is underrated, but in my opinion, the show is just mediocre. I understand why it only lasted 4 seasons and that it wasn't very popular in the ratings. I think people just thought that it wasn't anything special and was just there because it was there. If you were to ask people on the street what they thought about Still Standing, they would say they never heard of it. Thank you.
  • A show that, despite sometimes humorous moments, never rises among mediocrity.

    Since Lifetime started airing Reba and Still Standing, I've been stuck watching both series on an almost daily basis. Still Standing is a show about a "blue collar" family. The main problem with the show is that it doesn't really do anything different. In fact, the whole concept of the "Blue Comedy Family" hasn't really been innovated since Roseanne, and frankly, and no show has really been able to capture the "blue collar" family better than Roseanne did during it's first few seasons. Not that Still Standing is a horrible show. It has some close to laugh-out-loud moments and the acting is much more solid than other shows, such as Reba, the only real weak link in the acting department is Taylor Ball as Brian, in episode where he was supposed to be legitimately angry, he really just stared ahead and yelled. I won't mention Soleil Borda, who plays Tina, since most children hired to be the "baby" of the family are there for cuteness, other than their acting chops. The best part of the series has to be Jami Gertz, as Judy, the matriarch of the family. She's able to do the most with what she's given, and is part of the funnier parts of the series. Mark Addy does a fine job as well, but the character of Bill never really rises among the stereotypical "Bumbling, lazy father" character. And the character of the aunt, despite some decent acting, feels too much like Jackie from Roseanne. Overall, Still Standing is better than some of the typical family sitcoms out there, but the main problem is that for the most part, it's unoriginal. Far better than Reba, though, that show sucks.
  • I miss it...shouldn't have been cancelled by season 4

    I miss this show, but I see it every now and then on Peachtree TV I think. I miss the cast, even though only Bill and Judy had the real chemistry going, it was sort of good to see everyone fit in as well. I love how Bill's always trying to get Brian to become manlier, and it just isn't working out. And Lauren is kinda spoiled because she's the popular one at school. My favourite characters are Bill and Judy because they just complement each other so well. Linda's great too, even though she gets rejected a lot. I would've like to see the show go on for a couple more seasons since they were just getting it all together by season 4.
  • What started as a funny interesting sitcom is spiralling into a dud.

    When this show started, it was fantastic. A Sitcom like the Cosby Show but with a twist. The parents have done it all and good luck to the kids in getting away with anything. They were good people bringing up their family with the knowledge of the funny/dark side.

    It was very witty and the cast really worked well together.

    Unfortunately as each episode goes by, the parents are being turned into terrible people who would hurt anyone they could as its their nature. Its become a poor version of the BBC show Absolutely Fabulous (which perfected the mature child and childish parent and was exceptionally funny - yet kept some morale ground).

    The cast itself is quite good. The only question is Jennifer Irwin, but it seems more like a writer/director issue, then her acting ability.

    While its failing and dying, it is still funny. As well, there's no question you have enough beautiful females on the show to make most males pretty happy (of any age).

    What started as a great show, is spiralling downwards, and will die.
  • Quite funny

    It may not be as good as other comedies but at least it has some laguhs in it. The character Mark Addy plays " Bill Miller" is the funiest. I think this show deservers to have another season. They should try and write the script better to and make is more intresting.
  • A fairly traditional family sitcom

    This show is about as traditional as it comes, but then again, it's a family sitcom. The genre is not really known for its inventive or innovative nature. Still the show makes me laugh. The cast is pretty strong and the writing is fairly good. On the other hand, it is all tried and true territory. An interesting thing this show does do is that it deals with the role reversal between parent and child much more often than most family sitcoms. This show usually pulls a couple laughs out of me. Not the best show, but certainly not the worst.
  • This was a great show that CBS unfairly canceled. It had better storytelling(although not great) than the other comedy's on CBS today. It should have got a fifth season. It should have been given a better chance.

    Still Standing was a great show. That CBS unfairly canceled. This show is definitely better then most comedy on, oh who am I kidding, is better than all comedy's on TV currently. Although I did find it corny at times and storytelling wasn't the best. The show is about Bill and Judy, two less than great parents, raising Brian, Lorene and, Tina. Of course with regularly appearance by Judy's sister, let's just say doesn't have the best relationship with Bill. As both typically crack jokes at each other. Brian is the oldest of the kids and the smartest of the family. Which at times is quite amusing. Lorene a teenage girl I guess and Tina is pretty much a little Bill. Linda is pathetic. Fitz is also a big reacurring role character. Who is friends with Bill and at points Judy, I guess. Their are very memorable moments from the series. One of my favorites is the episode Judy keeps on attacking Bill's mother (not on purpose) and when their at the hospital. Bill tells Judy that she is just like his mother and then suddenly realizes that he married his mother. Who he regularly tries to avoid. Although I'm not the biggest fans of Lorene and Tina (especially Tina), they have both provided some great episodes. I'd rather have a new season of this then Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine and pretty much every CBS show that ain't Big Bang Theory and How I met Your Mother combine having a new show. Still Standing > CBS.
  • compared to alot of modern sitcoms out today this one is pretty funny

    compared to alot of modern sitcoms out today this one is pretty funny it has your basic parents that arent really very good at all and three kids one a very smart kid but kind of a pansy the other an angsty teenage girl livin with the " troubles of being a teenager" and one little gierl who is sometimes annoying but smarter than all of them combined and also a ditsy aunt that always comes in and annoys them all, the basic plot for a basic modern sitcoom only this one uses that plot and makes into a uniquely funny result
  • Underrated Show

    I loved this show when it was on. I lost interest in the 3rd season because I was currently hooked in video games. Lifetime has bought the syndication rights so I'm able to watch it a few times a day. I wish they would release the DVD's, but it doesn't look like a show that would do that. This show was really funny and it was something the whole family could enjoy. Too bad they cancelled it, but 88 episodes is good enough. This show wasn't really popular, but it surprisingly has a 8.7 on this site which is really good.
  • A show that I've just gotten into

    I didn't watch this all the way from the beginning, so the first time I saw it I didn't understand it well. But the more I watched it, the better it got. I find this show to be about a typical couple who have problems with their kids, jobs, and other things like that. I really like this show and I hope to watch all the episodes someday. I forgot to mention it's very funny and all the fake laughter in the background is actually meant for something this time. This is a show that is not worth missing for anything!
  • Still Standing is a very good show that doesn't always shove morals at you.

    This is a very good show, and it was very original. (Until The War at Home copied it) It is about a family with inattentive parents who aren't very good rule models. They have three children, blah, blah, blah....

    Basically it's a not-so-sitcommy sitcom. They act like real people (although they are a little tooo "real"). It doesn't have "perfect" parents, and it is a very funny show. Unlike a lot of shows where the father is lazy/dumb and the mom is super-mom (Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.) They are both lazy parents who manage to get by...

    I give this show a very good rating, and I'm very dissapointed to see that it won't be returning this year. (Although last season ended well, with Brian leaving for college)
  • Hilarious family show with adult content. It's brilliant!

    Sill Standing is one of my favorites. Every episode is down right hilarious and keeps you laughing even if you've seen that episode a thousand times before. It's not like a regular family comedy. Bill and Just are two not so responsible young parents living in Chicago with their three kids. Brian the oldest is a smart ready for the future kid. Lauren is a fun loving teenage girl who is always wanting more privacy. And Tina is a sassy toddler with the mouth of an teenager. While living a hectic life in their small household, they also have trouble dealing with their intruding Aunt Linda who can't stay in a stable relationship. As If that wasn't enough, they also have an annoying manipulative grandmother who never seems to stop controlling. I recomend this show to anybody who wants a great laugh.
  • It's a good show. I mainly watch it because it seems like a good family comedy. It's within the line up of Reba.

    I like the theme song as well as the show itself. This is a good show. I like all the characters. There's something to like in all. Brian is a cute guy who is in high school and kinda acts homosexual. Lauren is their oldest daughter and she is very pretty and funny as well. Judy is the "milf" of the show. She is like a mom in a minivan type with the thongs and wet dreams of the other guys starring at her. The dad Bill is like a real life Peter Griffin/Homer Simpson. The little girl Tina isn't that funny, but she's the cutest because she's the baby of the family. Watch it if you have the time.
  • Its show about two untalented but still loving parents for their three childern with two teenagers and one young kid. The wifes sister makes appearnces and tries to fight depression by having boy friend after boy friend.

    This show had its very memorable moments, you felt connected with every characther in the show. You had Bill, the husband and provider of the family but hes lazy as hell and will do anything to get out of work. You have the hot wife Judy who cleans up for Bill's messes. You have Brian the nerdy teenager who tries so hard for realationships to happen and sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Then you got Lauren who doesn't respect her parents what so ever. Tina the little kid of the show disrespects her parents even more than Lauren. Then you got Linda who keeps a good spirit even though she has a bad life. All the characthers just clicked.
  • two parents are trying to raise their children in a good way far away the way they were raised..

    i don't know why this show is not popular as the other shows...i really really like it and i think it has everything to make u happy..the family has all type of the personality , the father is a jerk :) but in a funny way..the mother is hard to catch and she's the one who is controlling the house..the eldest son is the cleverest in the house..the younger daughter is not that clever and she doesn't know what to do..and the youngest daughter is the one who spies and knows everything in the house...who that u will like it
  • "Still Standing" is one of the best shows that the whole family can watch!

    I am a fan of Jami Gertz and I have known her in the past, and seeing her in this TV show was amazingly funny. She is funny, adorable, and entertaining. I just recently saw this show on Lifetime, and got hooked on it. I wish it could come on My 20 like my other fave, "King of Queens" so I can see them both. It is sad that both of my favorite shows have to go, but I love watching re-runs and catching up with the episodes I've never got the chance to see. "Still Standing" is like "King of Queens" without kids. Love it!
  • I dont need to 50 words to sum up why i watch this show i need only two.....Jamie Gertz.

    Jamie Gertz is one hot chick !!! But besides her, the show is pretty funny. I guess it is because i have kids that i can relate to, but i sure enjoy looking at Ms. Gertz every Monday night. I would have love being the kids jumping on the trampuline, man how come i never had that happen in my neighborhood.
  • This show is underappreciated

    This was (and is still eventhough it's no longer showing) such a wonderful show with off the wall comedy.It is a real pity that concelled it ... I mean honestly they're taking off all the good shows.

    It's a refreshing comedy where the parents are just as sneaking as the children. Every scene has some good laughs, with al the drama going on on TV this was a show that you could kickback your feet grab a can of soda and just relax and have some good laughs.

    Honestly, I don't think the idea for this was overdone. It was an amazing comedy but unfortunately others did not see it that way.
  • Bill and Judy Miller are high school sweethearts trying to raise 3 kids.

    Bill and Judy Miller are high school sweethearts trying to raise 3 kids.

    Bryan - the oldest of the 3, doesn't like sports, but is into video games, and cheerleading, manly a geek, whom Bill and Judy don't really give much support

    Lauren - the middle child, shares a room with her younger sister, always picks on Bryan, and gets a little more attention from her parents

    Tina - the youngest child, seems to have the wittiest lines picks on Bryan and Lauren, and even puts her parents in there place at times.

    This show is about what some families are like, even to the point that at times Bill and Judy only care about themselves, and constantly put down Bryan, to me that is the only thing I don't like about the show, and the reason it didn't get a 10, but other then that its still a good show.
  • Could have been a classic.

    I didn't even know this show existed until it was put into syndication, which is very unfortunate. This is a great show with so many very humerous moments. The show tells the story of a working class family who, on the surface, is a little rough, but these are such well developed charcters that we know how they all really do care for each other and work together to make their family strong. This show is underappreciated and, I feel, not given a fair chance by the network. Maybe if it were promoted better or given a better time slot (I don't even know when it was originally on), more people would have been watching. I would love to have the chance to see new episodes of this show.
  • BRING BACK this amazingggggg show amazing fabulous wonderful hilarious

    BRING BACK this amazingggggg show
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  • Completley awesome.

    I don't know why they cancelled it, but they did sadly. Oh well. Another show that was just underrated. I personally thought it was the best show ever!! It was funny, entertaining, and the actors and acresseses did a great job. I would never want this show to be cancelled! But like I said, oh well. Every once in a while a boring episode would roll around, but hardly ever. Most episodes had a good plot, and more importnantly an intersting plot. And all the charcters had their own uniquie style, not normal for some tv shows now these days.
  • Yet another underappreciated comedy...

    Clearly by all the previous reviews there is no reason that Still Standing should have gotten cancelled (I assume it did and did not just end? but I could be wrong). Non stop laughs and always great story lines. It's not that often that it happens, but this show is one of few that I would actually like to see make a comeback.
  • I love this show..!! Please bring this show back..!! My wife and I record every show on Lifetime daily. We watch them after dinner every night, all 4 episodes..!! We are in deep mourning over the loss of this show. PLEASE...PLEASE bring the show back..!!

    Still Standing is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms of my life time. At 39 yrs of age, I have been thru Happy Days, Three\'s Company, Cosby, Cheers and Friends...Still Standing had more Heart felt realism than the aforementioned shows. I would really like to see the show return to the CBS line-up with all the original cast members. Jami Gertz is \'addorable\' in her role as a wife dealing with a husband who portrays a \'typical\' american male..lazy, sports loving, and always up for a little fun in the bedroom. There are some guys that might disagree with that statement, I just don\'t know of any. Mark Addy plays a man who exacts the same relationship on his son that he had with his father, an over-bearring role model who he could never live up to. He also has the misfortune of being married to a smokin\' hot wife who enjoys the same things he I jealous..! All of this combine with a great supporting cast is without a doubt my personal favorite show of all time, and I would really like to see it back on prime time.
  • funny!

    i love this show!!! it never fails to make me laugh even when i am in a really bad mood! this is one of the funniest shows for me.... and i love the way how things go all wrong and sometimes it seems that they really hate each other but i love the way they still are a family at the end of the day and that's all that really matters right? this show teaches us that no matter how screwed up our family relationships are there could always be a solution! ahahha! im sorry for going all like dr.phil on people... sorry....
  • last night's episode

    Last night's episode was very enjoyable.
    It was different from other still standing episodes but it made you think more. The ending was the best when they described to the audience the plot and how thier son ratted them out. This show seems to be overlooked all the time but I find my self enjoying more than some other shows.
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