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  • Great show.

    I love this show, its one of my favorites. Its very realistic. Not to sarcastic which is in a lot of family shows these days. The mother being the one I'd figure wouldn't be funny is infact actually very comical. The youngest kid is even funny. She gets good lines. The Father's jokes make me laugh every episode. This is by far one of my favorite comedys.
  • Great Show!!

    I just started to watch this show a month ago. I never watched it when it originally aired, but I did hear about it. I tape it on lifetime from 12-1, and it also airs from 12:30-1 on the CW.I can't believe I missed this show from 2002-2006. When I caught the first episode I immediatly loved it. I am constantly laughing out loud which is a rarity considering the sitcoms that are on now. I cannot believe this show got cancelled and other garbage is still on. I wish myself and others would have watched it before, because the ratings would have been better and it still may be on the air now. I am so grateful that I can watch all the seasons now, and I am given a second chance to meet the Miller Family and all the crazy stuff that goes on in their house. The entire cast is great and the family is "real", which I can relate to. I watch the re-runs with my 13 year old daughter because there are many episodes that revolve around Brian and Lauren dealing with typical teenage issues. Keep it up Lifetime and the CW!! Thank you for airing this original,funny and warm show.
  • This show should really be brought back!!! If not for a full season, but atleast for a reunion! It was totally hilarious!!!

    This show is definitely worth a second chance!
    For it reflected so many issues in life....with out diverting from its genre --- comedy. For it was absolutely funny.

    The Miller family is definitely a family that will be forever remembered on television.

    This show basically surrounded the life of two high school sweethearts and their three kids...added to that a sister-in-law, mother-in-law and a father-in-law, and you've got yourself a very full crazy house.

    The best thing about the Miller's, is that they faced every day issues and problems, but at the end of the day, they were still family and still loved each other.
    As their theme song goes: "...i'm still in love with you today, cause you make me happy..."
  • Let's start with the biggest reason why this show is so bad.

    The actors chosen for the characters in this show were horribly miscast, and therefore, their performances are very unbelievable. Addy does a terrible job of trying to cover up his British accent with a fake Brooklyn accent. When the casting director was originally considering Addy for this role, did they happen to stumble upon the awful job he did as Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas? Gertz is a good actress, but she cannot convincingly pull off blue-collar.

    The writing is bad in this show too. When Bill is giving his son Brian advice on how to talk to girls, he asks him if he wanted to be in the �wanna-touch-a-boobie club. That line actually sounded funnier coming from my friend who happen to get a chance to preview the scene before it aired then when I actually saw the scene. I'd give you more examples, but I gave up on the show after the second episode.

    JUST KIDDING!!! I actually really like this show.
  • Wow! Seriously, this show is NOT popular?

    I don't understand how "funny" shows are not popular and don't last so long while "stupid" shows are on the air for decades. This is the most underrated, under-appreciated show I have seen EVER.

    Honestly, every episode will make you laugh. It is very rare to find a show where the characters are weaved in perfectly with one another, the writing is smart (if a little lame sometimes, that's fine) and the laughs are just unexpected.

    Seriously, Two And A Half Men is funnier this? Wow. Some people just don't understand entertainment.
  • I love the show

    I did see that you could buy the full series of Still Standing at but since I don't see it on sale at regular stores, I'm not 100% sure that the DVDDonkey site is completely legitiment. I do agree with everyone though. I absolutely loved the show and the fact that CBS cancelled that, when there were others at that time that absolutely sucked, it totally unfair. I tried to watch every episode. I still watch it at night at 1:30 am on FOX (Easter Time) which is the only time I can find it on any show now.

    I loved this show so much. Why did they cancel it? Still Standing was the best show ever and it was really funny. Bill, Judy, and the kids were so funny to watch. I really loved the episode where they took Lauren to the Blink 182 concert for her birthday. That episode was really great! I also really liked the last episode ever. It was a really good episode also. I still watch the re-runs of this show, but I really wish it would not have ended. Still Standing is the best show ever and I miss it so much.
  • Very Funny Show

    I love this show. It is funny witty and the cast has great chemistry.
  • In my oppinion, a great comedy show.

    Well, I must say that, when I first started watching Still Standing, I didn't like it very much. However, let's say, after watching 5 episodes of it, I became a huge fan of the show. Bill and Judy have very different personalities than the normal, and that's part of what makes it so special. It's funny to watch how they feel about life, work, and even their childreen. Basically, in my oppinion, this is not like other shows. I love to see the way they manage to make everything so much easier, but at the same time, so much complicated. Everyone that likes a good comedy should watch it. It was one tv show that actually had me laughting...
  • Funny family show

    I think this show is funny and suitable for the whole family. I like it. I think it is a good comedy. I think the t.v. show desplays a family in today\'s world. They are not rich. The t.v. family is very down to earth and funny and i like it a lot.
  • Just discovered this show

    I'm working on my PC and had ABC Family on in the background. Not many shows can make me stop what I am doing and really have a good laugh. This show provided many of those moments. I have never seen a single episode of this show until now. And after watching 2 in a row, I am looking forward to watching many more.
  • Still Standing is a great show!

    Still Standing is about two parents who don't really care about their children. Which is funny in my opinion I don't know why it ended after 4 seasons, but I guess that is what TV is like now got to do good or your out. Still Standing first aired on September 30, 2002 and last aired on March 8, 2006.
    Bill and Judy were popular hig school students but still do that wild-side in their middle ages. Brian is a oposite of Bill he is smart and not lazy like bill. Lauren is not as smart and follows the footsteps of Judy. Tina the smallest child can be very lovable to their parents still, but can annoy them. Still Standing is a good show to watch. I rate this show 8.8
  • Loved this show, Very underrated, there are not enough quality sitcoms on the air anymore, and this to me was a great one, wish they had more than 4 seasons, will be looking for the dvd's when they come out.

    Bill and Judy are a middle class couple who are former high school sweethearts, they are rasing three childern, Lauren, the oldest daughter is your typical teenage girl, seems to be an average student who worries about boys and her parents embarresing her, which Bill seems to do often, Brian, the only son, is a straight A student who would rather go to AV club or twirl a baton that play sports, and although Bill loves him he lets it be known that he would like if brian spent more time chasing girls and playing sports rather than playing video games, then there is the youngest Tina, who seems to manipulate everyone in the house even though she is not even 10 years old. Both parents try to keep the kids from doing the things they did as high school students while still trying to stay as youthful as they can themselves.
  • One of the best sitcoms.

    This remains one of my all time favorite sitcoms and for good reason. Each character is well done.

    Bill is a chubby, lazy dad, similar to Homer Simpson, but not that lazy and was even trying to prove he could do stuff in one episode.

    Judy has to be the funniest sitcom mom ever, sometimes going against Bill's schemes but then joins in and acts like she's still in high school, breaking the responsible mom formula found in most sitcoms.

    Brian, is the most responsible member of the household, which often makes him the joke of the family, yet both Bill and Judy have admitted they would depend on Brian's success.

    Lauren is the middle child of the family, suffering teenage drama, yet also showing almost zero effort in high school studies.

    Tina, the youngest, is the second smartest of the children and often has better schemes and is considered quite creepy.

    I love how Bill makes fun of Linda's love life.

    I loved this sitcom so much that during its ABC Family run, I would get extremely angry when ABC Family would run a marathon of one of its dramas especially considering the fact that I'm not a big fan of dramas. I miss this show.
  • Love it Where it is on TV??

    I love this show. I can't find it on DVD anywhere. Jamie Gertz is good in Undercover

    Christmas. Help please to find the tv channel to watch old episodes.
  • Funny Show

    Nice and funny show with a funny cast and Mark_Addy does a great American Accent. Loved him in The Thin Blue Line. Excellent show and nice to see it on ABC Family. Mark is famous for the Tesco adverts. Still Standing is about two parents who don't really care about their children. Which is funny in my opinion I don't know why it ended after 4 seasons, but I guess that is what TV is like now got to do good or your out. Still Standing first aired on September 30, 2002 and last aired on March 8, 2006.
  • love the show

    This show is so humorous that I find myself laughing out loud. None of the current shows do anything close to this show. It's the only show that I want to watch. The show has family themes, adult humor and is like a blend of the 80s comedy shows with a postmodern twist on family life. I wish that this show would come back with the original writers. I haven't heard such original humor in a long time. Wherever they are now, they are really good at their jobs. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who is interested in a good laugh.
  • This show makes my day.

    I have never seen a show that more closely mimics real life situations. I can't get enough of this show! I can't wait until it comes out on DVD. I will buy every episode no matter what the price. The situations that occur in this family are realistic to so many families, that it makes me think that I should be living this show. I don't know why they canceled this show, but I treasure every episode. I have always been a trekie and a star wars fanatic, but I value this show above all else. I check all the time, every day, to see if it has been released on DVD. I want to be the first to own this show.
  • Still Standing is an hilarious comedic sitcom of a typical American family whom expresses themselves the way real people do in real life situations.

    Still Standing is a fabulous show! Here's the scoop. I came across it while I was sick in bed and never watched it while it aired. Maybe it aired during an off-hour? I'm sad I had missed it then and so grateful to stumble upon it now. The show is hilarious, refreshing and honest! True to life's everyday's experiences. What makes the show so fantastic is the writers ability to express each character's inner feelings, their insecurities, their fears, their needs and wants even their selfishness. They really express it just the way a person really feels inside. Therefore they get rejected and hurt and sad just like us regular people! No pretentious covering up as if we're all perfect with a Hallmark Card ending and a fake hug. But it's done with laughter so it comes off light and certainly makes us feel like "We're not the only one feeling this way". The characters are wonderful and play their part just as a mom, dad, children, sister, etc. really would act in reality. And that's what makes Still Standing so funny because it is true to life! I'm a big fan of King of Queens and now I'm a fan of Still Standing! So if it's repeats that I had to watch then it's the repeats. But do bring it back! I'm sure others never got to see it as well. Sharon of
  • Go to and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!!

    Excellent Show!!

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.

    Please Go to
    and tell them to bring back Still Standing!!!!! It's the only family show out there that is worth saving. If they need to cancel a show they should start with Two and a Half men.
  • Very good

    This is one of the best sitcoms to date, because it has a great plot, it has great comedy values, and is just very interesting. This show has really cool characters, and the family seems to be well with each other, not once was I bored seeing this. I mean this show is not like any of those shows like Everybody Loves Raymond that lasts for many many years, however it is really good. I can not say anything negative about the show, because there is nothing I see wrong with it. I like the show and couldn't resist the perfect score of this family friendly show.
  • I can totally identify with the characters and humor in the show. The writing is terrific.

    How did I miss seeing this when it was when it was in regular sydication? It breaks me up. I watch the reruns, and I know what they're going to say and do, and I still bust up laughing. Thank god to made it to cable so I can catch the reruns from 3 to 6 every day. i don't know aht else to say but I need to find the fan club and become a member. Judy Miller is hot and where were women like that when I was single and younger. I'll find one like her some day.
  • Bring this show back!!!!!!

    Bill and Judy are such a great couple and deserve to come back with their "intersting" brood of kids. Brian is hysterical! Being a child of the 80's I soooooo pick up on their comments and nuances and I absolutely love love love this show. I have always loved Jamie Gertz and think she is a fabulous actor. It's nice to wee mark Addy is not a buff, toned type of guy- now how about a hot guy and chubby wife show?????? Lifetime TV made a great move is picking up Still Standing, maybe they could convince the actors to come back for new episodes?
  • A Great Show

    It was a great show, maybe the most funniest show ever. I live in Iceland, and they are still showing it here because we get the shows later than you in USA. I love Judy, Bill and Linda... oh what the hey i love all of them. I don't miss a show it is shown on Thursday nights at 21:30 PM. I love the voice of Judy thats like 35% why a watch the show because it makes the show funnier.I think my favorite episode is when Bill, Judy and the kids threw the toiletpaper on their neighbours house. Thank you for reading this. :)
  • In summary, I just want to say it is disappointing to see one of the funnier shows taken off the air.

    Still Standing was one of the funniest shows on TV. Why would you take it off the air? The syndicated shows are great but I\'m disappointed that that is all we have now. I anxiously awaited the fall season because I wanted MORE of Still Standing. It was funny, entertaining, and maybe a little too close to reality for some of us!! But that\'s what made it so good and I will miss it!!! If there is any way that this cancellation can be reconsidered, I for one would be thrilled!
  • My family arranges their schedule around this show…it is so much like our family….it let’s us laugh at ourselves.

    When the show was on Monday nights, my son would make sure he was at home so we could all watch this funny show together. Now that it has been moved to Wednesdays, it has been harder to sit down and watch. There are church functions, band practices, etc. Monday nights are the best viewing nights for comedies. I think that King of Queens has run its course and Still Standing needs to be moved back to Mondays. Why is it just when you get to like a show, the networks move them around and by the time you find them again, they have cancelled the program or put the show on hiatus? Such as the case with Out of Practice and Still Standing…My family’s two favorites. Quit messing with the line ups.
  • My husband and I LOVE this program. It is great family comedy and realistic. We are VERY UPSET it has never been on any award shows. PLEASE DO NOT get rid of this show. It is relaxing comedy for all that is going on in our society today.

    We want this show to stay on the air in prime time. It is funny, relaxing comedy for our society today. These other war, hospital, criminal shows need to go OFF THE AIR. We need more of YES DEAR, STILL STANDING, TWO AND A HALF MEN, WHO LOVES RAYMOND, SEINFELD. ETC. ETC
  • very funny show,everyone works so well together

    Just love this show,the writers make the show worth watching each week.The son,Taylor Ball who plays Brian in this is just so very funny,as well as everyone else.You just feel so bad for him,that it makes you laugh.Jamie Gertz,Judy is great love her character.All the characters work so well together,there timing is always on.Jennifer Irwin whos character is Linda is awesome, very witty.Renee Olstead(Lauren) and Soleil Borda(Tina) are fabulous as sisters.We have seen Renee in other things as well, great actress.Mark Addy's character Bill is just so "fresh" to everyone with every so often a touch of compasion.He just keeps me laughing.Great show I'll keep watching.
  • We miss still standing, yes dear, according to jim, took off these good family fun sitcoms to add reality tv crap..

    The TV producers droped the ball on this one, Still Standing was a terrific show, you can see by the coments is missed by a lot of viewers as is Yes Dear, According to Jim, all great shows....
    Too much reality crap on tv now...
    Why did these shows go off air?
    They aparently had a lot of followers...
    Where have all the characters gone, what are they doing now. Especially liked the kids...they were cute and funny. Too late to bring these shows back now, i watch reruns of raymond, according to jim, yes dear, and try to find the dvde's of still standing...
  • So funny!

    I adore this show so much! Bill and Judy Miller have three children, Brian, Lauren, and Tina. They also have Judy's sister, Linda, always hanging around the house and driving them crazy at times, but I think they still love her very much. Brian is the oldest out of the three siblings. He's considered the nerd in the family and at school. In my opinion, he is not a nerd. He's a success. Lauren is the oldest daughter. She's the popular sibling in high school. At times, she's a little ditzy, but I still think she's a smart girl. Tina is the youngest sibling. Aww, she is adorable and so funny. She gets very sassy and silly, and she just makes me giggle. Bill and Judy have to get on as a couple and as parents. Sometimes, I don't really like the way they talk about their own children behind their backs. I don't think it's very nice to pick on your child. They make fun of Brian and call him the nerd. Sometimes, they act like they don't really care when their children are upset about something. It can be very funny at times, but other times, it makes me sad. I don't feel that way about my children. Still, this show always puts a smile on my face, and I don't know why it didn't get the recognition it deserved. I would've loved to see a 5th season where Lauren turns 18, graduates high school, and leaves home. I don't think they'll be doing another season of this show, but if they do, I will definitely tune in. If they do a movie, I'll watch that as well. I would love to know where the kids end up when they're all grown up. This was a wonderful show!
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