Still Standing

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Bill Miller, his wife, son and two daughters make up an entire family in Still Standing. Their lifestyle is full of vile parental styles which turn their children, strange enough, into great people with their own characters.

    You can read me baby like an open book, catch me dead in my tracks with only just one look, now when the lights go down, and when it comes to you and me babe, oooo you turn me inside out, I'm still in love with you today cause you make me happy, you make me happy.

    The opening theme of the show, describes exactly what this show is about. This show is about two people who you would ironically expect to end up together. In love. They live together in their strange enough happy home, with their extra smart son, a typical teen, and Bill's favourite daughter, Tina. They correlate in this home and every episode seems to be so funny. The first time I watched an episode, well what can I say, I still watch it up to this day. I keep myself glued to the television with this one, even when the advertisement comes on, because I wouldn't want to miss any piece of it when it comes back on. To me, there is no other like 'Still Standing'.
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