Still Standing

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Still Standing is an hilarious comedic sitcom of a typical American family whom expresses themselves the way real people do in real life situations.

    Still Standing is a fabulous show! Here's the scoop. I came across it while I was sick in bed and never watched it while it aired. Maybe it aired during an off-hour? I'm sad I had missed it then and so grateful to stumble upon it now. The show is hilarious, refreshing and honest! True to life's everyday's experiences. What makes the show so fantastic is the writers ability to express each character's inner feelings, their insecurities, their fears, their needs and wants even their selfishness. They really express it just the way a person really feels inside. Therefore they get rejected and hurt and sad just like us regular people! No pretentious covering up as if we're all perfect with a Hallmark Card ending and a fake hug. But it's done with laughter so it comes off light and certainly makes us feel like "We're not the only one feeling this way". The characters are wonderful and play their part just as a mom, dad, children, sister, etc. really would act in reality. And that's what makes Still Standing so funny because it is true to life! I'm a big fan of King of Queens and now I'm a fan of Still Standing! So if it's repeats that I had to watch then it's the repeats. But do bring it back! I'm sure others never got to see it as well. Sharon of
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