Still Standing

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • This was a great show that CBS unfairly canceled. It had better storytelling(although not great) than the other comedy's on CBS today. It should have got a fifth season. It should have been given a better chance.

    Still Standing was a great show. That CBS unfairly canceled. This show is definitely better then most comedy on, oh who am I kidding, is better than all comedy's on TV currently. Although I did find it corny at times and storytelling wasn't the best. The show is about Bill and Judy, two less than great parents, raising Brian, Lorene and, Tina. Of course with regularly appearance by Judy's sister, let's just say doesn't have the best relationship with Bill. As both typically crack jokes at each other. Brian is the oldest of the kids and the smartest of the family. Which at times is quite amusing. Lorene a teenage girl I guess and Tina is pretty much a little Bill. Linda is pathetic. Fitz is also a big reacurring role character. Who is friends with Bill and at points Judy, I guess. Their are very memorable moments from the series. One of my favorites is the episode Judy keeps on attacking Bill's mother (not on purpose) and when their at the hospital. Bill tells Judy that she is just like his mother and then suddenly realizes that he married his mother. Who he regularly tries to avoid. Although I'm not the biggest fans of Lorene and Tina (especially Tina), they have both provided some great episodes. I'd rather have a new season of this then Two and a Half Men, The New Adventures of Old Christine and pretty much every CBS show that ain't Big Bang Theory and How I met Your Mother combine having a new show. Still Standing > CBS.