Still Standing

CBS (ended 2006)


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  • Loved this show, Very underrated, there are not enough quality sitcoms on the air anymore, and this to me was a great one, wish they had more than 4 seasons, will be looking for the dvd's when they come out.

    Bill and Judy are a middle class couple who are former high school sweethearts, they are rasing three childern, Lauren, the oldest daughter is your typical teenage girl, seems to be an average student who worries about boys and her parents embarresing her, which Bill seems to do often, Brian, the only son, is a straight A student who would rather go to AV club or twirl a baton that play sports, and although Bill loves him he lets it be known that he would like if brian spent more time chasing girls and playing sports rather than playing video games, then there is the youngest Tina, who seems to manipulate everyone in the house even though she is not even 10 years old. Both parents try to keep the kids from doing the things they did as high school students while still trying to stay as youthful as they can themselves.
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