Still Standing - Season 2

CBS (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Still Christmas
    Still Christmas
    Episode 11
    Judy is excited to host Christmas in the Miller house for the first time, but her plans are scrapped when Bill's mom insists on having Christmas dinner for the entire family in her tiny apartment. Meanwhile, Linda's good deed for Christmas – making over her helpless co-worker – goes better than planned.moreless
  • Still Driving
    Still Driving
    Episode 2
    Bill finds out that Brian has been taking driver's ed and excitedly decides to teach him how to drive before his 16th birthday, but Brian would prefer his more laid back mother give the lessons instead.
  • Still Our Little Boy
    Brian's overuse of cologne is revealed to be due to skipping showers after gym. When Bill confronts him, he finds out Brian is self-conscious about his manhood, but not exactly in the way Bill thinks.
  • Still Believing
    Still Believing
    Episode 10
    Bill and Judy feel they need more faith in their lives after meeting the very religious parents of Lauren's boyfriend.
  • Still Got It
    Still Got It
    Episode 5
    When Lauren feels miserable because she didn't get a part in school dance show, Bill and Judy go down to the school to try working things out. When Bill meets an old classmate, now the drama teacher, Lauren gets a part in the play, and Bill thinks it's because the teacher still has a crush on him.moreless
  • Still Negotiating
    Still Negotiating
    Episode 1
    After Judy and Bill order Lauren to drop basic math and take a more difficult algebra class, her bad attitude about schoolwork multiplies and the conflict between Lauren and her parents increases exponentially. Judy and Bill then try to solve the problem using the art of negotiation.
  • Still Stressing
    Still Stressing
    Episode 18
    In order to pay for a tutor to help him study for the PSAT, a stressed-out Brian takes a job with Bill and runs circles around Bill and his slothful co-workers. Meanwhile, Linda uses Lauren to nab a divorcé with a son.
  • Still Interfering
    Still Interfering
    Episode 8
    Eager to relive their glory days, chaperones Bill and Judy are excited about a teen dance with an '80s theme. The same can't be said of Brian, who's dateless after following his mom's relationship advice. Meanwhile, Bill gives a few pointers on the birds and bees to a football player, who then makes a move on Lauren.moreless
  • Still Our Kids
    Still Our Kids
    Episode 4
    When Brian and Lauren get jobs and bond with their bosses, it provokes jealousy among Bill and Judy, who feel overlooked when they realize their children are doing all sorts of things with their bosses that they normally wouldn't do--or ever did--with them.
  • Still Parading
    Still Parading
    Episode 17
    Jealous of his friend's relationship with his athletic son, Bill tries to bond with Brian by helping him build a St. Patrick's Day parade float. Meanwhile, Lauren dreads the humiliation she's going to suffer when the uncoordinated Judy performs her Irish river dance at the parade.
  • Still the Bad Parents
    When Judy finally has a good idea at a PTA meeting, the attention she receives from the group's president, Elise Larkin, encourages her and Bill to become more responsible parents. After being invited to the Larkin's for a backyard barbecue, they go a step too far by voicing their concerns that the Larkin's son, Dorian, may be having sex – only to learn that they may need to be more concerned about the activities of their own son.moreless
  • Still Narcing
    Still Narcing
    Episode 13
    To Bill's delight, Brian enters the world of popularity when he becomes the basketball team's statistician, but his feelings quickly fade when he discovers the players are making Brian their "errand boy."
  • Still Responsible
    Still Responsible
    Episode 12
    To give Bill and Judy a much-needed break, Judy's parents come to take the kids for the weekend, but decide to stay when they realize Judy is sick. Having forgotten the joy of being taken care of, Judy conveniently extends her illness a little longer but gets into trouble when her parents find out she is faking.moreless
  • Still Hangin' Out
    Still Hangin' Out
    Episode 20
    When Lauren and her friends start hanging out in the Halversons' cool "teen scene" basement, Judy becomes jealous and starts a competition by creating a cooler teen hang-out in the Millers' garage.
  • Still Seceding
    Still Seceding
    Episode 23
    When Brian is grounded for breaking curfew, he decides to move into the garage so he can live by his own rules. Meanwhile, the family grows weary of Lauren's singing and Linda decides to help Tina earn Bluebell Girl badges in an attempt to relive her youth.
  • Still Flirting
    Still Flirting
    Episode 15
    Judy discovers that "boys night out" consists of flirting with a waitress at the local restaurant. Bill accuses Judy of being jealous – until he learns of her flirtation with the mailman.
  • Still the Man
    Still the Man
    Episode 19
    When Tina comes running to Judy to do the "manly job" of killing a spider, Bill realizes that he does not wear the pants in the Miller household, but in fact, Judy does since she does all the jobs he should stereotypically do. With that in mind, Bill decides to prove that he is indeed the manlier Miller by repairing Tina's broken dollhouse all by himself. Meanwhile, Lauren gets conflicting advice about dealing with her new boyfriend from Bill, Judy and Linda.moreless
  • Still in Cahoots
    Still in Cahoots
    Episode 21
    Bill and Judy grow suspicious when Brian and Lauren start secretly making plans and covering up for each other. In order to get to the bottom of things, Bill and Judy start snooping and uncover fake IDs, a box of cash and a receipt from a tattoo parlor.
  • Still Groping
    Still Groping
    Episode 16
    When Louise announces she has a boyfriend, Bill is ecstatic that she has someone new to occupy her time. The Millers arrange to have dinner with him, during which they start to put aside their worries about him – until he squeezes Judy's rear end.
  • Still Dreaming
    Still Dreaming
    Episode 9
    Bill gets Lauren to profile Linda for a school report on role models, which leads to Lauren helping Linda fulfill her dream of designing and selling fashion for goose lawn ornaments. Meanwhile, Judy becomes jealous of the time that they're spending together and spitefully dismisses their business venture.
  • Still Bill's Dad
    Still Bill's Dad
    Episode 14
    While visiting from Florida, Bill's macho father decides he wants to spend some quality time with his son so he makes plans to re-create a past bowhunting trip he took Bill on as a child to toughen the boy up. Brian sharpens his math skills as he prepares to compete in the Math Olympics.moreless
  • Still Champions
    Still Champions
    Episode 22
    When Tina is invited to a birthday party for the daughter of former Chicago Bear Willie Gault, she refuses to go, but Judy and Bill attend anyway to meet their childhood hero. But when Bill accidentally walks out with Gault's Super Bowl ring, the Millers get a chance to live the high life when merchants think Bill is a former Super Bowl winner.moreless
  • Still Shoplifting
    Still Shoplifting
    Episode 6
    Judy's fear that Lauren is hanging out with the wrong crowd is confirmed when Lauren gets caught shoplifting. Although Judy doesn't believe Lauren's claim of innocence, Bill convinces her to give their daughter the benefit of the doubt. When it seems that Lauren has stolen again, Bill and Judy's parenting abilities are pushed to the limit.moreless