Still Standing - Season 3

CBS (ended 2006)


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Episode Guide

  • Still Exchanging
    Still Exchanging
    Episode 23
    Bill gets jealous when Brian becomes excited about his upcoming trip to Italy for a summer exchange program. In an effort to create a bonding moment with his son before he departs, Bill plans a last minute camping trip. But when Brian arrives late to leave on the excursion, the two have a falling out.moreless
  • Still Getting Married
    Bill and Judy are initially happy that Linda and Perry are finally tying the knot, but when Roach, the eccentric minister and best man, shows up and the other wedding details are unveiled, Judy thinks her sister may be making a big mistake.
  • Still Mother's Day
    Still Mother's Day
    Episode 21
    Judy tries to stand her ground when Bill's mother tries to horn in on a Michaels family Mother's Day tradition, while Lauren resists taking any part of it.
  • Still Holding
    Still Holding
    Episode 20
    When Bill and Judy discover that their pediatrician has the teddy bear that they used to hide their marijuana stash in, they scheme to get it back. Meanwhile, Brian helps Linda sell her car, but she's overly picky about who's worthy to be its new owner.
  • Still the Boss
    Still the Boss
    Episode 19
    The guys down at the toilet department get a new boss--a young, brash, Harvard graduate--who develops a friendship with Brian. Bill shamelessly benefits from the situation until Judy steps in and leaves no question that she's still the boss. Meanwhile, Tina and her mysterious new friend frustrate Lauren.
  • Still Admiring
    Still Admiring
    Episode 18
    Brian is excited and filled with confidence when he receives instant messages from Lauren's hot tutor, Sarah, a smart college student. Bill encourages Brian to pursue her and ask her to the upcoming high school dance. However, just as Brian is about to make his move, his family once again manages to suck the joy out of the moment.moreless
  • Still Helping Out
    Still Helping Out
    Episode 17
    Brian helps a woman in need as part of his outreach project and Bill willingly lends a hand when he discovers that 'old' Mrs. Grundy is a hottie. When Judy catches Brian and Bill staring at the beautiful Mrs. Grundy, Judy demands that Bill have a serious talk with Brian about not leering at women. Meanwhile, Linda contemplates Perry's request to spice up their sex life outside of the bedroom.moreless
  • Still Not the One
    Still Not the One
    Episode 16
    Bill and Judy are so ecstatic to hear that Bill's mother, Louise, is going to marry her boyfriend that Judy agrees to be her maid of honor. However, the nuptials are put in jeopardy when Louise's ex-husband, Al, wants to stop the wedding and win Louise back. Meanwhile, Linda is disheartened when Perry continues to postpone their wedding due to his music career.moreless
  • Still Single
    Still Single
    Episode 15
    Bill and Judy come to Fitz's rescue, joining him in his cousin's bachelor pad and helping him pick up women at a bar by pretending that they're all single. Meanwhile, Linda's overwhelmed taking care of the kids as Bill and Judy's outings become nightly events.
  • Still Drinking
    Still Drinking
    Episode 14
    After Bill and Judy catch Brian, Lauren and their friends drinking in the basement, they decide to set an example and abstain from drinking for an entire month. Unfortunately, Bill and Judy's infamously wild Super Bowl party takes place during that time. Brian and Lauren are impressed that their parents have gone alcohol-free for a solid three weeks. However, when Super Bowl Sunday dawns, the "holiday" may be too much for Bill and Judy to handle sober.moreless
  • Still Advising
    Still Advising
    Episode 13
    Bill convinces Linda to take his advice instead of Judy's when he tells her to let her fiancé pursue his dream of making a music video even though he hasn't written the song yet. Meanwhile, Brian agrees to let Lauren give him a makeover in order to impress a girl.
  • Still Bonding
    Still Bonding
    Episode 12
    On a father-daughter outing to the mall, Bill and Lauren agree to lie to Judy about spending quality time together and then split up to do their own things. Meanwhile, Judy's decision to try on Linda's wedding dress turns out to be a bad one.
  • Still Fast
    Still Fast
    Episode 11
    Bill is irate when he catches Lauren's boyfriend sneaking out of the house after midnight, but is even more disturbed when it's revealed that Lauren is the one who wants things to move faster.
  • Still Lying
    Still Lying
    Episode 10
    Asked to record Tina's ballet recital, Bill can't take the camera off her sexy teacher. Each caught by their wives with the tape, Bill and Fitz blame each other, but when their wives reconcile from a past grievance, their web of lies threatens to unravel. Meanwhile, Brian starts spending a lot of time with his aunt, Linda.moreless
  • Still Shallow
    Still Shallow
    Episode 9
    Brian has a new girlfriend, but he also has a crush on her hot friend. Bill and Judy both have their own thoughts on how Brian should handle his love triangle. Judy wants her son to do the right thing, while Bill, speaking from experience, advises Brian to stay with his plain girlfriend in order to appear sensitive and score the hottie. Meanwhile, Tina retaliates against Linda for scaring her.moreless
  • Still Cruising
    Still Cruising
    Episode 8
    After Judy expresses a desire to have a better relationship with Bill's mother, Louise dupes her into accepting a cruise invitation. Meanwhile, Brian and Lauren compete to be the entertainment at Tina's birthday party.
  • Still Going First
    Still Going First
    Episode 7
    When Bill gets a clean bill of health and Judy is advised that her cholesterol is through the roof, Judy writes a beautiful letter to Bill conveying things he should know when she passes on. She begs him to do the same, but Bill finds that he needs someone else to inspire him. Meanwhile, Linda borrows Tina in an effort to help her fiancé, Perry, become more comfortable with children.moreless
  • Avondale, NFLD
    Avondale, NFLD
    Episode 6
  • Still Cooking
    Still Cooking
    Episode 6
    When Judy discovers that Bill is an excellent cook, she welcomes his help with the meals. But when he gets fussy about the cooking, Judy begins to think that maybe she preferred it when Bill spent all his time on the couch.
  • Edgerton, AB
    Edgerton, AB
    Episode 5
  • Still Auctioning
    Still Auctioning
    Episode 5
    When the Halversons belittle Bill and Judy's ability to contribute to the school's silent auction, the Millers retaliate by coming up with the hit item. Impressed with the Millers' generosity, the Halversons offer to help Bill and Judy run the event that they donated. But when the Halversons back out on them, Bill and Judy decide that revenge is in order.moreless
  • Mattawa, ON
    Mattawa, ON
    Episode 4
  • Still Winning
    Still Winning
    Episode 4
    Bill mocks Brian's interest in a fantasy collectable card game until he learns the collection's value—and that Brian's a top player. Meanwhile, Judy starts doing things with Fitz when Linda's wedding preparations make her unavailable.
  • Still Looking for Love
    When her cat accidentally kills himself, Linda starts treating her latest loser boyfriend more like a feline than a man. Meanwhile, Bill and Judy can't help but make fun of the strange circumstances of the cat's death.
  • Still Neighbors
    Still Neighbors
    Episode 2
    When a lesbian couple moves in next door, Bill and Judy are shameless in their quest to get approval to build the deck of their dreams. But when they fail to make nice with the couple, they decide to use Lauren to score points and convince her to go out with the neighbors' nerdy son, Chris.moreless
  • Still Scamming
    Still Scamming
    Episode 1
    When a doctor diagnoses Lauren with depression, Brian sees a golden opportunity for them both to take advantage of the situation.