Still Standing

Season 4 Episode 10

Still a Team

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Judy says that she and Bill came up with the plan of tricking Fitz and Marion out of their tickets the night that they all had dinner, but it started before that. During dinner, Judy says that they have tickets, and then Bill pretends to have not picked them up.

  • Quotes

    • Judy: Brian, you have to understand that our marriage is—
      Brian: Okay, that's not gonna work on me! You guys are gonna be together forever! You're horrible, horrible people that no one else could ever love! (storms out)
      Judy: (to Bill) Aw, I think I just heard our anniversary toast!

    • Bill: Sweetie, all I wanted for our anniversary was to rub it in your face. I'm smart, and you're dumb.

    • Brian: Are you guys buying Stones tickets? I thought mom already got some.
      Bill: She did, but I stole them out of her gym bag to prove I'm a million times smarter than she is.
      Brian: That doesn't make sense.
      Bill: Then I lost them.
      Brian: That does.

    • Judy: I know you stole 'em out of my gym bag and hid 'em in my jacket, so I stole 'em back to teach you a lesson!
      Fitz: Are you following all this?
      Marion: Unfortunately, I am.

    • Judy: We're a better team than you guys.
      Bill: You should see us team up on Brian. What a dork!

    • Marion: (examining Judy's purse contents) Mace, stun gun, pepper spray—someone thinks highly of themselves.

    • Judy: Go do your homework.
      Tina: I finished all of mine.
      Judy: Well, help Lauren with hers.

    • Bill: Well, I dug through all our trashcans.
      Fitz: Did you find anything?
      Bill: Yeah, that we eat a lot of pretzels.

    • Judy: I'm going to clean the house. Why don't you go to Fitz's and get drunk?
      Bill: Judy, it's the middle of the day... we're already drunk.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The revelation of Judy and Bill's master plan, and the music played over it, are of a style meant to mimic Brian DePalma's 1996 film version of Mission: Impossible, as well as Lalo Schifrin's theme.