Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 18

Still Admiring

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2005 on CBS



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    • Bill: Why didn't we stop after one kid? (Brian walks in twirling his baton) Oh, that's right. I wanted a boy!

    • Brian: You're dead for what you did to me.
      Lauren: (sarcastic) Oh, and that's scary, 'cause you go to spy school!

    • Bill: Okay, Tina, here is your baton.
      Tina: I can't use a toilet plunger as a baton.
      Bill: Sure you can.

    • Brian: (on his baton) I call it 'Wonder Boy.'
      Bill: 'Cause when you twirl it, we wonder if you're a boy?

    • Sarah: You know, before I went off to college, I used to fight with my brother all the time. Now I miss him.
      Lauren: Aww. That's not gonna happen.
      Brian: Yeah, Lauren's right. She's never getting into college.

    • Lauren: (scarfing down Bill's leftover pot roast) Maybe now he'll know what it feels like to be denied something you had your heart set on.
      Judy: That is so mean and petty. You'll make a wonderful wife someday.

    • Bill: You show up with a college girl, you'd be a legend in your high school.
      Brian: The guys in twirling squad would lose it.
      Bill: I don't think the guys in twirling squad are ever gonna lose it.

    • Fitz: I had a secret admirer once. He gets out of prison in five years.

    • Brian: (after getting caught making out) Haven't you guys ever heard of knocking?
      Judy: Yeah, we just never, ever, thought we'd have to.

    • Bill: There's a reason she's hiding her identity. She's either writing from jail, or she's a he. Or a "he/she".
      Brian: A "he/she"?
      Bill: Trust me, they're out there. Trust me.

    • Brian: So, Sarah, how do you like tutoring Lauren? It's okay, you can speak freely in front of her, just use big words.
      Lauren: Like 'hopelessly desperate weenie-boy?'

    • Bill: A pity kiss is still a kiss, and you know what a pity kiss can lead to—
      Judy: (pats him on tummy) Pity marriage.

    • Judy: Don't you think there's a little double-standard there?
      Bill: Not at all. I have one standard for Brian and another different standard for Lauren. That way, they each get their own.
      Judy: I was gonna say that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but I wanna wait to hear what you have to say next.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Brian calls his baton "wonder boy". This is an homage to The Natural, where Roy Hobbs names his homemade baseball bat the same thing.

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