Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 13

Still Advising

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Between Brian's makeover and Perry's antics I really think this episode was funny.

    This show isn't the most stellar comedy on the planet and can sometimes feel like a rehash of other typical half hour sitcoms but this episode kind of renews my faith in it. Though the humor is goofy and sometimes over stated I still kind of enjoyed it. When Brian enlists his sister to help him makeover his image to get a girlfriend things take kind of a bad turn. And let's just say that a bandana won't be fixing this little issue. Judy's sister enlists Bill to advise her in the mess she calls her life, his words not mine, and once again things take kind of a bad turn. I forget how funny Perry can be though, he was an excellent addition to show and he wasn't bad to look at either. He wasn't defenitely a uique character as well, there wasn't any other like him that I've seen. The only trouble is that he was sort of secondary and didn't have a lot to do, not to mention they didn't give a lot to do with he was actually on screen as well.
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