Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 12

Still Bonding

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2005 on CBS



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    • Lauren: Okay, I got the gummy fish, you got the fudge, and we got peanut brittle for Mom, but we dropped it in the parking lot so you ate it.
      Bill: That is what I would do! And your mother says we don't know each other.

    • Lauren: (storming up stairs) This house is like a prison!
      Bill: This house is not like a prison. (to Judy) Although there was a time when you'd have sex with me for a pack of cigarettes.

    • Linda: [Our father] never did anything with me.
      Judy: Sure he did! I remember him taking you out every Saturday.
      Linda: To physical therapy to get my duck-feet straightened.
      Judy: Well, he was there to support you.
      Linda: Judy, he'd drop me off and go to a bar and then quack at me on the ride home.

    • Judy: (sees brown stain on seat of wedding dress) Oh, my God, what is that?!
      Brian: I think it's chocolate pudding, but you know what it kind of looks like?
      Judy: I know what it looks like! Aunt Linda has this crazy notion that I'm jealous. She's never gonna believe this was an accident.
      Brian: She might believe you had an accident.

    • Brian: You had grass stains on your wedding dress? You two are disgusting.
      Judy: Oh, please, your father and I aren't animals. I just got really drunk at the reception and fell down a bunch of times.
      Brian: (sarcastic) Sorry, milady.

    • Bill: You took our beautiful lie and turned it into something ugly.

    • Judy: I'll just go to Dr. Gerber's rag-time thing on my own.
      Bill: Or maybe you could take Brian.
      Judy: Ooh, good idea. He likes things that suck.

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