Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 6

Still Cooking

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2004 on CBS



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    • Brian: I hurt my shoulder in gym class.
      Fitz: What were you playing?
      Brian: Apparently, a game called 'Pile on Brian 'Cause He Asked the Teacher for a Pop Quiz.'

    • Brian: What's this?
      Bill: This is your gazpacho. You remember what goes on top?
      Brian: Yeah, ground pepper.
      Bill: Cracked pepper!
      Brian: What's the difference?
      Bill: Why don't you just eat something off the floor?!

    • Linda: I can't even think about dating a guy who ties one of those sweaters around his shoulders.
      Judy: I'm with ya on that one. You just wanna yank the sleeves and choke them.

    • Judy: I need a more manly apron so I can have sex with my husband again!
      Clerk: You're asking a lot from an apron, lady.

    • Judy: (yelling to the kids) Come on in kids, dad took care of dinner!
      Tina: Yay, pizza!
      Judy: No, he made a meal.
      Tina: Yay, frozen pizza!

    • Bill: What's for dinner?
      Judy: You know what we had last night? Cream of that.

    • (ding)
      Judy: What's that dinging sound? Why's it smell like garlic toast in here?
      Bill: Dinging sound, smell of toast--sounds like someone's having a stroke.
      (Judy pulls back shower curtain)
      Judy: What's the toaster oven doing in the shower?
      Bill: (hesitant) Getting ready for work.

    • Judy: I do everything around here: I buy the food; I cook the food; and sometimes, if I'm very quick, I even get to eat the food.

    • Bill: (to the kids) Looks like your mother officially reached her limit. Now who had her cracking after seven days?
      Tina: I did! Pay up.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Judy tells Bill he's become "Chef Boyaryougirly," a play on canned pasta brand Chef Boyardee.

    • Bill tells Fitz he learned to cook by watching Debbie Does Dinner, but was disappointed to learn that "Debbie was 72, and 'dinner' was dinner." This is a play off the title of Jim Clark's 1978 adult film Debbie Does Dallas.