Still Standing

Season 4 Episode 19

Still Deceitful

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Louise comes by after bringing Lauren home from the mall, they wait outside for the door to be opened after Louise announces herself. Later, Louise comes over herself, but just barges into the Millers' home.

  • Quotes

    • Louise: (sees Al's suitcase) You see that bullet hole right there? That's from the time I caught him with your whore of a kindergarten teacher.

    • Joy: I don't like to show any clavicle.
      Judy: Just close your knees when you sit down.

    • Bill: I'll talk to [my dad], but first I'm going to have to have sex with Cheryl Tiegs. It's something I always promised myself I'd do before I die.
      Judy: As a courtesy to her, you might want to wait until she dies.

    • Judy: This whole thing makes me feel dirty.
      Bill: Dirty? How dirty?

    • Bill: If I'm wearing a pink shirt when my dad gets here, he's going to call me--
      Judy: a big wuss?

    • Bill: Either my dad is dying, or he finally loves me. Either way, I win.

    • Joy: You're not supposed to see the wedding dress.
      Al: What's the difference? It's not going to be on you very long. If the kids weren't here, I'd throw you one now.

    • Brian: Are we part indian? If we are, I can get a scholarship.
      Judy: Well, your dad is a member of the slot club at the indian casino.
      Brian: Which, I'm guessing, is why I need a scholarship.

    • Al: (to Bill) Don't wear that pink shirt. This isn't San Francissyco.

    • Bill: Hey, you guys are right, this hot lesbian does look like Judy!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • One of the insults Judy makes up as a possibility for Al to use when he sees Bill in a pink shirt is "Pinky Chunkadero." This refers to Pinky Tuscadero, a girlfriend of Fonzie's on Happy Days.

    • Before his bachelor party, Al comments they're "going to party like it's 1999," though has no idea it's a song lyric when questioned by Judy. "1999" was hit song for Prince in the early 1980s.