Still Standing

Season 2 Episode 2

Still Driving

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2003 on CBS
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Still Driving
Bill finds out that Brian has been taking driver's ed and excitedly decides to teach him how to drive before his 16th birthday, but Brian would prefer his more laid back mother give the lessons instead.

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    I think the creative point of this show was definitely season two. Once they got picked up for another season, they branched out and did new things, and they were all hysterical. This basically managed to focus on the whole family somehow and made it hilarious.

    Brian rather learning driving from his mom than his dad was hilarious, and the whole van from the 70s was funny too. I love the angle of this show: two high school sweethearts now older and with a family but with the same personality which makes the kids look smarter. Which was really applied in this episode.

    Judy telling Rennee Olstead's character that that thing (marijuana) she smelled was incense, absolutely hilarious. The end tied up quite nicely too. Turns out Judy has taught Brian more things than just driving, even peeing out your name in the snow. Hilarious episode. Still Standing at it's best.moreless

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    • Lauren: Hey Daddy-
      Bill : Oh, God, you need money.
      Lauren: What makes you think that?
      Bill: Honey, the only time anyone in this house calls me "Daddy" is when they need money. Including your mother.
      Lauren: You think the only time people in this house are nice to each other is when they need money?
      Bill: Hey, Bri-Bri-
      Brian: (from upstairs) Dad, I don't have any money!

    • Judy: Lauren, I am impressed, you really brought up your grades.
      Brian: Keep this up, Lauren, you might end up waiting at a place with tablecloths.
      Lauren: Maybe one day you'll eat there with all of your friend.

    • Bill: I gotta tell you, it felt great to pass on something to my son other than my rugged good looks and these dainty little dancer's feet.

    • Judy: (looking at one of her old shirts) REO Speedwagon. "Intensity in 10 Cities." Man, Intensity in 10 Cities. I never got that one before!
      Linda: Must've been all that "incense", huh?

    • Bill: (in the car with Brian Now, where shall we go? Okay, turn left up here. I'll show you where we used to go parking in high school.
      Brian: What do you mean "parking"? Like parallel parking?
      Bill: You can start off parallel, but the goal is to get horizontal.

    • Bill: Miller men have been teaching their sons how to drive for centuries.
      Brian: Centuries?
      Bill: Well, you know, chariots and crap.

    • Lauren: Oh, great. I get to wear your moldy old clothes. Maybe for dinner, I can just pick through the garbage.
      Judy: Well, try the neighbors first. They eat healthier than us.

    • Lauren: These old clothes are starting to get really tight, and soon my shirts won't even cover my midriff.
      Tina: What's a midriff?
      Bill: Someting private and shameful that should remain a secret forever.
      Tina: Like the time you found a cake on the porch and ate it?

    • Lauren: What's going on?
      Judy: I don't know. Your father brought home something he's really excited about.
      Lauren: Oh, great. The last time this happened, we ended up eating catfish for three months.

    • Bill: (reading from report card) Miller, Brian: A in Econ Jannerman, A in English Cannerelli—
      Brian: Dad, that second word is the teacher's last name.
      Bill: Ah, then that would explain French Ho.

    • Linda: So there I was, secretly wrapping his birthday present, when he just pushes open the bedroom door and ruins his surprise. Now I have to get him a whole different sweater.
      Lauren: Do cats even like sweaters?

    • Judy: Your father's a very astute man.
      Bill: Honey, where's the remote?
      Judy: Did you check under you?
      Bill: Thank you.

    • Bill: There isn't a book in the world that can teach you how to drive, unless they've made a book out of Cannonball Run.

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    • Bill holds the envelopes with Brian and Lauren's report card to his head and predicts his reaction, mimicking Johnny Carson's character Carnac the Magnificent from The Tonight Show.

    • Commenting on the Miller's old blue van, Linda wonders "what are Shaggy and Velma using to chase ghosts?" This refers to the various Scooby Doo cartoons, which featured a foursome travelling in their Mystery Machine van and investigating supernatural events, which were usually frauds to mask crimes.