Still Standing

Season 1 Episode 17

Still Excelling

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 10, 2003 on CBS
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Still Excelling
Bill and Judy decide to help Lauren with her science project to show her that they care about what she's doing. They end up making the science project for her, but regret their decision when the teacher moves her to the honors class, only increasing the workload.moreless

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      • Judy: You know what they say, "lightning strikes twice."
        Mrs. Cutler: That's actually not what they say. Brian can explain it to you.

      • Mrs. Cutler: Did [Lauren] get any outside help on this project?
        Judy: You mean from us?
        Mrs. Cutler: (laughing) No, of course not!

      • Linda: It's so nice to see you guys have finally taken an interest in junior high. Only took you 25 years!
        Bill: When you have kids, I'm sure you and donor sample 3256 will feel the same way we do.

      • Judy: There's nothing funny about your sister being in honors science.
        Brian: You want me to stop laughing, but you keep saying it.

      • Brian: Let me get this straight: you want me, to help you, help Lauren cheat?
        Bill: Preferrably without her knowing.
        Brian: Are there any rules in this house anymore?

      • Judy: Hey, Mrs. Cutler, you look really good for someone who spends the whole day in a room full of eighth-graders.

      • Bill: We stunk at science, but in our defense it's because we're very lazy people who tire easily.

      • Judy: We helped Lauren a little bit with her science project, and she's gettin' her grade today, and we're just a little anxious to see how she did.
        Linda: Yeah, you were always a whiz at science, Judy. I remember the project you did in junior high. I believe the title was "Will Punching My Younger Sister Result in Her Doing My Science Project for Me?"

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Lauren mentions Brian wore "Vulcan ears" for a class picture. Vulcans are the logic-oriented race from the Star Trek universe.

      • Linda states she's pretty sure the father of her cat's kittens is "a tabby who goes by the name Nathaniel Pawthorne," a play on author Nathaniel Hawthorne. This also implies Nathaniel is not hers, though later in the series she has a cat by the same name.