Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 23

Still Exchanging

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 23, 2005 on CBS



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    • Judy: I'm sorry, we can't send you to day camp this summer. We're sorry, we forgot.
      Tina: "Forgot," huh? But I'm sure there's plenty of beer in the fridge.

    • Fitz: Do you mind if I borrow that camping gear again? My son and I got that PFLAG campout this weekend.
      Bill: Ah, the annual gay campout in the gay woods with your gay son?
      Fitz: Yeah.
      Bill: Do you learn arts and crafts from the indian in The Village People?

    • Judy: Do you think [Brian]'s having second thoughts?
      Bill: He was acting a little weird.
      Judy: I'll bet he's scared and he's afraid to admit it because we'll make fun of him like we always do.

    • Judy: A lot could go wrong over there with the different languages, the confusing subways, the euros...
      Bill: Uh, that's a little racist, Judy.
      Judy: No, Bill, "euros" is what they call their money.
      Bill: Oh... stupid foreigners!

    • Brian: 'Football' is what the Italians call soccer. It's Papa's favorite sport, so I thought I'd learn about it.
      Bill: I'll tell you everything you need to know about it in two words: bor ing!

    • Brian: I'll be blogging every day.
      Bill: Don't worry, you'll get used to the food.

    • (Brian slams door)
      Bill: Brian, you're late.
      Brian: Yeah, I'm two hours past my curfew, and I will understand if you wanna punish me by making me cancel my trip and--(Bill falls back to sleep) Dad... (Brian slams door again)
      Bill: Brian, you're late.
      Brian: I know, I know. I was supposed to be home two hours ago--(Bill falls back asleep again; Brian slams door again)
      Judy: What the hell is going on down here?!
      Bill: Brian, you're late. And this is the third time this week.

    • Bill: So, how'd you swing this?
      Brian: Dad, you were with me when I applied. We, uh, we went downtown with the Student Model UN. (Bill doesn't remember) We had our picture taken with the mayor... (Bill still doesn't remember) You, uh, you bought that giant pretzel with the pizza filling in it.
      Bill: Oh, yeah! Yeah! From that, uh, vendor, Eddie, yeah. He was out of Sprite that day. Yeah. I tried Squirt and I liked it.

    • Brian: Hey, guys. I got accepted into that foreign exchange program and I'm going to Italy for the summer.
      Judy: Oh my God, you're going to Italy? That is so great!
      Bill: Congratulations, son.
      Judy: Oh, wow, it is so wonderful when two cultures come together and-- wait a minute, this doesn't mean we have to take in an Italian kid, do we?
      Brian: Uh, no, no. This requires no effort on your part.
      Judy: Oh, just the way we like it.

    • Judy: You know I thought this was going to be the summer that you and Brian finally went camping.
      Bill: Yeah, we'll have to do that one of these summers.
      Judy: Come on, Bill, your dad took you camping.
      Bill: Oh, yeah, that was a lot of fun. I'd hide up in a tree while he stumbled around drunk with his crossbow yelling, "get down here you sissy and put the apple back on your head!"
      Judy: That explains your fear of fruit.

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  • Allusions

    • Bill refers to Brian possibly drinking "Vino Barbarino" in Italy, intermixing the Italian word for 'wine' with the Sweathog played by John Travolta on Welcome Back, Kotter.

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