Still Standing

Season 1 Episode 13

Still Good Cop

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 27, 2003 on CBS
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Still Good Cop
Tired of always being the parent who lays down rules and metes out punishment, Judy makes Bill take over the 'bad cop' role. When Bill tires of this, he reverts to being a 'good cop,' but with Judy refusing to become 'bad cop' again, the children quickly take advantage.moreless

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  • Judy gets tired of being "bad cop" so she tells Bill to be it. But when he quits and goes back to good cop, there are 2 good cops lurking around, letting the kids do whatever they want and get away with anything.moreless

    This episode was so hilarious. It was funny to see Judy and Bill handle the kids going out of control, eating cookies and ice cream for dinner, and letting the house get "sticky". And also, seeing Brian (who is apparently the most responsible person in the house) taking care of Tina and making Lauren get off the phone and do her homework. It was also funny to see Bill and Judy acting like teenagers again and Brian and Lauren, teenagers, acting like adults. Well Brian at least. This is one of my favorite episodes of this show. . . . .moreless

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    • Judy: Oh, so I should be more fun like you? Great, why don't I wake them up and take them to a rave?
      Bill: (sotto voce) Why? There's plenty of rave in here.
      Judy: What?
      Bill: Nothing.

    • Judy: You know what? We'll talk about this in the morning.
      Bill: (sotto voce) Oh, goody.
      Judy: What'd you say?
      Bill: Nothing.
      Judy: Jackass.
      Bill: What did you say?
      Judy: I called you a jackass.
      Bill: Oh, okay.

    • Bill: Your mother and I have told you a thousand times not to play hockey in the living room.
      Brian: She's not here, dad.
      Bill: In that case, Tina and I are the Blackhawks.

    • Bill: Your plan has one fatal flaw: you can only be 'good cop' as long as I'm willing to be 'bad cop.'

    • Bill: [Two 'good cops'] sounds like fun now, but by tomorrow those kids'll be running around like monkeys in a donut shop.
      Judy: Or you in a donut shop.

    • Judy: (letting Brian drive) Keep your hands on the wheel at all times. 'Ten and two.'
      Brian: Really? 'Cause dad's hands are usually at noon and his nose.

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