Still Standing

Season 4 Episode 20

Still Graduating

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Brian's wall is shown during episodes of the first season and his kindergarten mural is nowhere to be seen.

  • Quotes

    • Brian: I've got some big, big news. Of course, given what you already know about me, you won't really be surprised.
      Bill: And the closet door swings open.
      Judy: I love you, but I'm not walking in any parades.
      Lauren: You know, there's a boy in choir who's been asking about you.

    • Bill: This is what I wanted to show you: that Jacuzzi I put a downpayment on.
      Judy: Does it fit two?
      Bill: There's room for you, me, and enough extra room for my fantasy to come true.
      Judy: I'm not taking a bath with you and a pot of chili.

    • Bill: It's not like we're never going to see him again. He'll only be 20 minutes away, plus you know he'll come back to play with the dog.
      Judy: What dog?
      Bill: The dog I'm going to buy, Brian 2. Yeah, it'll be nice to have a Brian who can catch a ball when I throw it.

    • Bill: That speech Brian made: valedictorian? More like valedicborian.
      Tina: Or valedicsnorian.

    • Brian: So, what did you guys think?
      Judy: Well, to tell you the truth, it was kind of hard to concentrate. There was a woman next to you making fun of you with her hands.
      Brian: She was signing for the hearing impaired.

    • Lauren: I am counting the days until I can move away to college.
      Judy: How many are left?
      Lauren: (contemplating) Let's see, there's a hundred days in a year, so...
      Tina: I'm never going to get my own room.

    • Linda: Swappers? Brian, I find that unbelievable. Your mother, maybe. But your father? That's a rough key to pull out of a fishbowl.

    • Brian: (to Bill and Judy) I can't wait to move into the dorms. Sex, loud music, drinking games: I'm ready to leave all that behind.

    • Bill: Can we get one of those glass showers?
      Judy: Why? Do you want to watch me soap up?
      Bill: (hesitant) Yes.
      Judy: Okay.

    • Brian: Mom and dad are acting really weird.
      Linda: It's not an act.

    • Brian: I'm going to be sick.
      Linda: I've got a cure for ya. 700 pages of romance in a leper colony. It's called Take My Hand.

    • Brian: My parents are soulless perverts.

  • Notes

    • This episode aired at 8:30, a half-hour later than usual, as part of a special hour-long block of Still Standing.

  • Allusions

    • Weepy over his son's graduation, Fitz runs after him singing, "sunrise, sunset." The song of the same name, from the 1964 musical Fiddler on the Roof, is a commentary on how time passes so quickly.

    • Rebuffing an offer to go shopping from her mother, Lauren replies, "we've already discussed this. We're not the Gilmore girls." Gilmore Girls is a show about a mother and daughter who consider each other friends first.

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