Still Standing

Season 2 Episode 21

Still in Cahoots

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 10, 2004 on CBS
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Still in Cahoots
Bill and Judy grow suspicious when Brian and Lauren start secretly making plans and covering up for each other. In order to get to the bottom of things, Bill and Judy start snooping and uncover fake IDs, a box of cash and a receipt from a tattoo parlor.moreless

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    Vince Neil

    Vince Neil

    Tattoo Guy

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    Kathleen M. Darcy

    Kathleen M. Darcy


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    Patricia Belcher

    Patricia Belcher

    Miss Bodin

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    Joel Murray

    Joel Murray

    Danny Fitzsimmons

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      • Judy: Okay, smart guy, if you're so innocent, how do you explain this big black box of money?
        Brian: It's my money!
        Judy: Where'd you get it?
        Brian: I have a job?

      • Judy: They're coming! (Judy and Bill start kissing)
        Lauren: Eww! What are you doing?
        Bill: Celebrating our love.
        Brian: And soon you'll be celebrating my puke.

      • Bill: Okay, you're all done here.
        Tina: Daddy took me to a race track, too.
        Bill: I said you're done, and it was a petting zoo.

      • Bill: Now, I'm gonna ask you one more time!
        Lauren: And I'm gonna tell you one more time! You cannot have any of my cream soda!
        Bill: Fine! Oh, yeah, be a baby. Man, it's getting hot in here!
        Lauren: Then why don't you turn off the oven?

      • Bill: Where'd Lauren go?
        Judy: Brian, Lauren?
        Linda: Brian and Lauren just left in Brian's van.
        Judy: What?! Why didn't you stop them?
        Linda: Um, I was gonna throw myself under the rear wheels, but this is a new outfit?

      • Brian: Ok, that should do it. Now, you can't tell anyone where you got this ID.
        Linda: Yay, I'm 25 again! Can you shave off five more pounds?
        Brian: Uh, it could take a while.
        Linda: I don't care, I'm 25.

      • Judy: (on Bill going to a bar) He was babysitting Tina on Friday!
        Brian: He took her with him! She ate six pickled eggs, he won a bet...
        Judy: Six pickled eggs on Friday night—that explains Saturday morning!

      • Judy: (About Brian's closet door) Oh, yeah, so you expect me to believe that you asked your father 100 times to fix it and he never—oh, that makes sense.

      • Judy: A fake ID? Oh my gosh, our son is making fake IDs just like we did!
        Bill: You know, seeing my son's name with another address? Kinda nice.

      • Linda: (about Brian) Why don't you look in his computer?
        Fitz: That's a good idea. Checking on my son's computer is how I found out he was gay.
        Bill: A lot of gay websites, right?
        Fitz: No, when I went in to check his computer, he was necking with some guy.

      • Bill: We don't wanna be the kind of parents who judge their children without any proof.
        Judy: Exactly why we need to rifle through Brian's room.

      • Bill: Ah, geez, here's something you never want to find in your son's room.
        Judy: Dirty magazines?
        Bill: The Songs of Stephen Sondheim.

      • Judy: Gambling, tattoos—who do our kids think they are, Limp Bizkit?
        Fitz: It's times like these I'm glad I have a normal, gay son.

      • Tattoo Guy: Hey, I know you.
        Linda: Yeah, yeah, I've been in here before. I almost got a kitty cat tattoo.
        Tattoo Guy: No, we did it at a party once.

      • Lauren: I can't believe that you think that I would get a tatto. They're so slutty.
        Judy: They're not slutty! Tattoos can be tasteful.
        Lauren: Yeah, if you're trailer-trash.
        Judy: I am not trailer-trash!

      • Judy: You haven't folded any of the laundry?
        Bill: Oh, yeah, yeah ... it's not that I don't wanna fold the laundry. It's that, uh, I can't. I'm laundry-lexic.
        Judy: That must be really tough since you're also a full-of-crap-aholic.

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      • Judy compares Brian and Lauren's cooperation to The Joker and Riddler joining forces, after which Bill mentions if Tina joined and were The Penguin, they could rule Gotham, all references to the Batman universe, and specific to Batman: The Movie, a feature-length film based on the popular 1960's Batman television series starring Adam West and Burt Ward.