Still Standing

Season 1 Episode 3

Still in School

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 14, 2002 on CBS
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Still in School
Bill and Judy attend their 20th high school reunion, and soon they begin acting like teenagers again. Bill meets his old hot dog eating competitor and challenges him to see who can eat more pancakes at the reunion breakfast, while Judy is shocked to see that the most popular girl at school has become a successful architect and has a "perfect life." Meanwhile, Linda scores a date with an ex-boyfriend.moreless

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  • bill and judy go to their 20th reunion

    i liked this ep and to tell you the truth i pray that im not like that when i go to any of my reunions..yeah i dont want to compete but i dont want to sound like a loser either lol..j/k..ill be fine..ill stay in touch w/ friends so ill still know ppl lol..anyways back on topic..yeah it was funny how they acted..bill wanted his pancakes and he had a competitor but then he had a situation on his hands..judy became jealous but then found out that the ppl really liked her for who she was and not that made up stuff..good lessonmoreless
Beth Littleford

Beth Littleford

Kristy Duncan

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Dan Gauthier

Dan Gauthier

Steve Upton

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Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy


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Lex Medlin

Lex Medlin

Jerry Bergner

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    • Ted: (referring to Bill's explanation of why Trent isn't cheating on Kristy) Is that what you think happened?
      Bill: Of course. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.
      Ted: I am a brain surgeon.
      Bill: Really? Let me ask you a medical question. When you chug a milkshake, how come you get that pain in your head?
      Ted: Let me ask you a medical question. When are you chugging milkshakes?

    • Lauren: This is your reunion. I don't know why I have to be here.
      Judy: Because honey, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
      Lauren: What?
      Judy: You're staying. Do the words really matter anymore?

    • Christy: (showing a family picture) Here we are in Italy. Have you ever been?
      Judy: No, we're more water-park people.

    • Judy: Can you believe that stupid Kristy Duncan?
      Bill: She seemed nice.
      Judy: Nice? 'I build airports! I build airports!' What's so big about that?
      Bill: Well, they are airports. I mean, what's bigger than that? (Judy stares at Bill) Besides her fat ass.

    • Lauren: How come Brian gets his own room?
      Brian: 'Cause I'm a man.
      Lauren: Then how come you still sleep with a stuffed rabbit?
      Brian: You sleep with a pillow named Dawson.
      Tina: She kisses it, too!

    • Linda: I want to get to the reunion early enough so that people don't see me getting out of Bill's car.
      Bill: I've got an idea. Why don't you just drive there with your husband? Oh, oh!

    • Brian: What's a water bra?
      Bill: It's a very cruel trick, son.

    • Bill: Judy, they've got a whole bunch of shrimp here, did you bring the big purse?

    • Judy: What happened last night?
      Linda: A lady doesn't kiss and tell.
      Judy: Honey, a lady doesn't wear last night's cocktail dress to a pancake breakfast.

    • Bill: I still remember our first time, when you got that look in your eyes and said those three magical words: "what the hell."

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