Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 3

Still Looking for Love

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2004 on CBS

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  • One my favorite episodes of Still Standing!

    This is one of the greatest episodes I have ever seen. It made me laugh hysterically in so many different scenes. I have probably seen it at least eight or nine times, but everytime I watch it cracks me up each time.

    One big thing I liked about this episode was that it had a lot less "sexual" humor than other episodes. It was just a great laugh-out-loud episode.

    One of my favorite lines would have to be with Tina in the kitchen when she says, "Peanut's dead. He's in the ground and worms are eating him." And then Linda's hilarious response, "Who stole your soul"?

    Oh there are too many funny parts to list from that episode. I loved it!