Still Standing

Season 2 Episode 1

Still Negotiating

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2003 on CBS
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Still Negotiating
After Judy and Bill order Lauren to drop basic math and take a more difficult algebra class, her bad attitude about schoolwork multiplies and the conflict between Lauren and her parents increases exponentially. Judy and Bill then try to solve the problem using the art of negotiation.moreless

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  • judy and bill have to do some negotiating with lauren when they want her to take a harder math course but lauren must do things too

    i did like this whole ep..the fighting in the beginning was like so realistic in families with teenage daughter or son..well any teenager and sometimes older if you live with your parents that long (trust me i know lol)..but yeah most families dont do the whole contract thing..the parents usually win and the teenager doesnt get too good of a cut or payoff rather b/c they usually lose the argument unless you have some really nice and easy parents lol..but the contract was funny when the boy became involved..that was hilarious w/ bill at first being the protective dad and then judy..and bill was funny at the end alsomoreless
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    As a season premiere, this show could definitely do better. The episode was too focused on the bratty teenage daughter, who is played by Renee Olstead. The season premiere should be focused on the whole family. Regardless of this episode not being season premiere material, it was still incredibly funny and entertaining.

    Renee Olstead did a great job in this episode, the mother, Judy also did a good job. Bill is having trouble letting his daughter alone in a room with a boy, but if he barges in and bothers them, he violates the contract that Judy & Bill made up with Renee Olstead's character.

    We got some great moments, such as Bill tearing apart the door from her room. Judy thinking they were having sex, when really they were just cheating on Algebra homework. I think this episode had it's good moments but like I said before, we needed to see more Brian, Judy's sister, and their third daughter.moreless

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    • Bill: Let's just forget about the contract!
      Lauren: Fine by me!
      Judy: No, we are not forgetting about this contract! I have peace and quiet and clean dishes in this house for a week and I like it! (to Lauren) You are going to go upstairs and study algebra (to Bill) You are going to go and put her door back up, (to Jason) and you are going to go upstairs and be alone with my daughter in her room with the door closed! Who wants a pop?

    • Judy: [Lauren] answered the first three questions "I don't know," "I don't care," "Why don't you ask my mom?"
      Bill: That's just stupid. You don't know algebra.

    • Judy: What can we promise that's nice and vague?
      Bill: Alright, let me see. We tell her if she sticks with her algebra class, we'll, uh—I got it! Respect her privacy—that seems to be a real big deal with her.
      Judy: Yeah, she's always griping about that one in her diary.

    • Bill: We don't like to waste paper. Are your mother and I the only ones who care about the rain forest?
      Linda: Didn't you once cut down a tree so you wouldn't have to rake?

    • Judy: If Lauren promises to pass algebra, we promise to respect her privacy.
      Brian: Well, that sounds kind of vague.
      Lauren: What do you mean, "vague?"
      Brian: It's just that 'passing algebra' is specific, whereas 'respecting her privacy,' what does that really mean?
      Bill: Don't you have some bully's homework to do?

    • Bill: Ah, algebra: if you're anything like I was in school, x = D-.

    • Bill: I dropped the remote.
      Judy: Up the stairs?
      Bill: You don't know everything about gravity!

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    • When Tina asks her father why they have to be watching a certain show, he tells her it's because WWII is important. When she asks who someone on-screen is, he replies, "that's Hogan," implying they are watching Hogan's Heroes.

    • Yelling at Lauren, Bill warns her that if you "play with the bull, you get the horns," echoing a line from Paul Gleason's Principal Vernon in John Hughes' 1985 film The Breakfast Club.