Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 2

Still Neighbors

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2004 on CBS



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    • Ed Bailey: My wife loves vacations, you know. All she wants is vacations. The other night she told me, "take me somewhere I've never been before." I took her to a men's room.

    • Chris: That's your sister? She lives here?
      Brian: Yeah, if you call someone who takes basic math 'living.'

    • Judy: (to Chris) I think it's great how you've accepted having two moms. And what's to accept? It's natural. In fact, it's better than natural; it's supernatural.
      Brian: Mom, they're lesbians, not ghosts.

    • Terry: This is my son, Chris. He just started at Jefferson High.
      Chris: Hi, nice to meet you.
      Judy: Our son, Brian, goes to Jefferson. You might have some classes together.
      Terry: Chris is in the special AP program.
      Bill: (as though Chris were slow) Oh, well, good for you big fella!

    • Terry: Sometimes I feel like we're pushing him too hard, and it's not like we'll ever be able to stop him from liking girls.
      Shelly: Yeah, I guess not. My mom certainly couldn't stop me.

    • Terry: It was a huge, drawn-out process for us to conceive.
      Bill: I know, Judy's like that, too. Sometimes I gotta go through a whole checklist before I'm cleared for landing.
      Terry: I never thought I could get more gay, but I just did.
      Bill: (points to Shelly) Hey, good news for you!

    • Bill: (to Terry) We just wanted to welcome you and your, uh, your same-gendered life buddy.
      Judy: Bill?
      Terry: It's alright. It's one of the nicest names we've been called.

    • Brian: This is Chris. He's our new neighbor, and he's also in some of my AP classes, so I'm just showing him the ropes.
      Lauren: (to Chris) Did he show you the one in gym he can't climb?

    • Brian: I can't believe the neighbors agreed to let us build this deck.
      Judy: Well, when Tina slipped and fell in the mud, they just couldn't say no.
      Brian: Well, good thing she fell.
      Judy: Yeah, fell.

    • Bill: (to Terry and Shelly) I was just chattin' with Lauren and Chris. Those two seem to be getting along great. Who knows, if this keeps up, you could become our lesbians-in-law.

    • Judy: (about Terry and Shelly) They don't think Lauren's good enough for their son? I resent that! Lauren can see whoever she wants, and no one can tell her otherwise.
      Bill: If we don't break 'em up, we lose the deck.
      Judy: She's a pretty girl. She'll land on her feet.

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