Still Standing

Season 2 Episode 4

Still Our Kids

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2003 on CBS
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Still Our Kids
When Brian and Lauren get jobs and bond with their bosses, it provokes jealousy among Bill and Judy, who feel overlooked when they realize their children are doing all sorts of things with their bosses that they normally wouldn't do--or ever did--with them.

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    I know my rating might be too high but this show really deserved it tonight. Bill & Judy are just the most hysterical TV parents out there. From Judy thinking that Bryan was gay just because Bill said he was rooting for the other team, to their reactions to Lauren entering the "new family." They were just hilarious here, and I've really come to appreciate them on this show.

    Lauren & Bryan were perfect here as well. Lauren holding up her finger while she was talking on the phone was just great, but the kids mostly just played off Bill & Judy. Then we got a very comedic ending. What I've realized is that almost every one liner is just absolutely hysterical, that tends to be hard for other shows, but nope, this show stays consistently funny and this episode is a prime example of that.moreless

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    • Judy: A long day at the mall, but the Miller family shouldn't need new underwear for at least a year.
      Bill: I smell a challenge!

    • Judy: Sorry, we don't have any alcohol in the house.
      Chuck: Oh, you don't drink?
      Judy: No, we drink. We just drink faster than other people.

    • Bill: I've been trying to get you to listen to Zeppelin for years.
      Brian: Really? Chuck knows a lot of cool stuff about them. Did you know that some of their lyrics are based on Lord of the Rings?
      Bill: I think this Chuck's trying to pull something on you. That movie wasn't even out when they wrote those songs.

    • Bill: White Sox fans are people we don't associate with! Like your mother's Uncle Ted.
      Brian: Who's Uncle Ted?
      Bill: Exactly!

    • Lauren: I just feel so stupid. Judy: Don't call yourself stupid. You are not stupid. They are, for leaving you this cell phone. Who has relatives in another country?! (man in crowd raises his hand) Here you go, sir. Just give the little girl a quarter when you're done.

    • Judy: You can't go away for Christmas, it's a very special time for the Millers.
      Lauren: Last year you burned the turkey and we ate leftover Chinese food in front of the TV.
      Judy: For the second year in a row—it's called tradition.

    • Bill: Hey son, you need help with your homework?
      Brian: Why? You know someone?

    • Bill: I started the day with 18 dollars, and I ended the day with 18 dollars. You know what that means?
      Judy: You forgot to pick up my dry cleaning.

    • Bill: It is nice to have a Saturday afternoon to ourselves.
      Judy: I thought we could use this time to work on our relationship and communicate our emotional needs.
      (Bill looks crestfallen)
      Judy: Ha-ha, gotcha!!

    • Judy: How much money could she really find?
      Tina: Found a dollar! Found a driver's license.
      Bill: Honey, get out of daddy's wallet!

    • Bill: We could have a lot of fancy things. We're just not shallow and materialistic. Oh, look, Tina dropped a quarter!

    • Linda: Boy, if I had a nickel. (Tina hands Linda a nickel) Thank you, honey.

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