Still Standing

Season 1 Episode 2

Still Reading

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2002 on CBS

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    Going on this episode guide, I was welcomed with a good rating of this great episode. The thing that was unsettling is that I only saw a mere 25 ratings before I rated it and became the 26th. Only 26 votes!? Really? This really goes to show under appreciated this show was and definitely still is now in reruns. Give this show a chance, put all the family cliche's aside, and just give this show a watch, you just may surprise yourself.

    As for the episode, it was pretty funny. It wasn't Still Standing's best, but it's definitely something that would entice me to tune in the following week, and I don't know, but that seems pretty important for the second episode of the series. Bill paying Brian to do the book report really was an unexpected twist, but it's great to know that Bill isn't just some doofus, and is actually capable of reading a book. Also Lauren's walk-ins were funny as well. Great episode.
  • judy wants some stimulating conversation so she starts a book club; unfortunately, bill takes an interest in it too

    i really did like this ep but it wasnt exactly my favorite thats why it has a lower score lol..i like how judy kind of accidentally got involved in the book club but it was still interesting considering we see her kind of as a different character..we know she can manipulate bill but she isnt exactly the funny though..the book club was awesome and i found it funny how linda was really trying to impress the guy but he only noticed judy (thank goodness judy was married)..when bill started joining the book club and outdoing judy it got even funnier and then neither one of them wanted to do it was funny