Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 1

Still Scamming

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 2004 on CBS



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    • Judy: I can't believe these brochures: alcohol abuse, drug abuse, unprotected sex. Sounds like the night we made Brian.

    • Bill: I've gone my whole life without any mood-altering medication. (swigs his beer)

    • Judy: How was the zoo?
      Linda: It was so much fun. We saw birds and monkeys.
      Tina: And we saw two hippos. One of them was climbing on top of the other one.
      Linda: To give her a backrub—a beautiful, if somewhat violent, backrub.

    • Linda: I was severely depressed in high school.
      Bill: As was everyone whose lives you touched.

    • Bill: Look, Lauren, most of what we did tonight was to embarrass you. My trunks slipping off in the pool—total accident.

    • Judy: You forgot your BUTT CREAM. Hey, Rebecca, here's Lauren's BUTT CREAM, you might want to put it in the cooler because you have to chill the BUTT CREAM.
      Lauren: Mom, will you stop saying "butt cream"?
      Judy: Oh, you know what? I can just hold this towel up in front of you and you can put the butt cream on right now. NO ONE LOOK AT LAUREN! Even though she does have a cute little shape.
      Lauren: I get it: I lied to you, I just wanted you to buy me things, I'm busted, can we just go home now?
      Judy: Well, I'm glad you finally came clean with us.

    • Bill: Attention, teenagers! There is a severe tidal wave warning for the following counties: this one! (cannonballs into Rebecca's pool)

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