Still Standing

Season 3 Episode 19

Still the Boss

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 21, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Hearing the buzz of the dryer, Linda excitedly exclaims "my laundry's done," but when she goes to the laundry nook, the dryer door is empty and all the clothes are already sitting on top, leaving Jennifer Irwin to mime the actions of taking out clothes.

    • At the poker game, Bill announces that they're playing 5 card stud, which traditionally consists of 1 down card and 4 up cards in succession. But he deals 5 down cards, as if they were playing 5 card draw (without the drawing).

  • Quotes

    • Linda: When I was little I used to have an imaginary friend.
      Bill: As opposed to all the real ones you have now?

    • Judy: Why don't you invite [Seth] over for poker night? Maybe that way he'll warm up to you.
      Bill: Because when I'm drinking beer and talking about how much I hate him, it might hurt his feelings.
      Judy: Remember how you didn't like your old boss and we had him over and everything was great after that?
      Bill: That's because I led him to believe he might have a shot with you.
      Judy: No, it's because I led him to believe he might have a shot with me.

    • Judy: So, Seth, how are you enjoying your job at the store?
      Seth: It's okay for my first stop out of college. It's certainly not the kind of place I want to see myself at 40.
      Fitz: That's why I avoid mirrors.

    • Seth: Is that the new version of DragonBot?
      Brian: Yeah, I was just playing at my friend Hakim's house. I'm hopelessly stuck in the Forest of Fairies.
      Bill: (to poker buddies) Don't anybody say a word.

    • Judy: You told him he could stay out this late?!
      Bill: To be fair, that was before I knew he'd get caught.
      Brian: Yeah, I 'got caught' going to see a documentary. (mockingly) Ew, learning, we don't like that around here!

    • Brian: [Seth] said, actually, you can take the rest of the day off as long as you take mom home with you. He's very afraid of her.
      Bill: He's afraid of her? He should fear the man brave enough to marry her.

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