Still Standing

Season 1 Episode 5

Still Volunteering

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2002 on CBS

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  • When Bill and Judy fall asleep during Tina's recital, they decide to volunteer at Tina's school. But they didn't know that the result would include a veterinarian and a insurance agent having to come to the school or a horrible Halloween party!!!!!!!!!!

    Bill and Judy arrive at Tina's dance recital to find that there are a lot of students on the list of performers, so by The time Tina preforms, Bill and Judy are fast asleep. When they get home, Tina says that she is sick and needs to go straight to bed. Later, Linda explains that Tina was just faking sick, because she was embarrassed, which is a very common situation. When Bill and Judy go to volunteer at the school, they meet a woman named Mary who is snotty and head of the volunteer committee who helps them sign up. When Bill and Judy go to do their jobs, Bill's fast moving drop-off system and Judy's horrible animal care-taking skills get them kicked off of the volunteer committee by Mary, and relived of their Halloween Party arranging duty. However, wen they arrive at the Halloween party, Mary had turned it into a "Harvest Festival" with fruit, cider, and sing-a-longs. So Bill turns up later dressed as the candy monster, and Tina actually turns out to be really sick!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all, this is my favorite Still Standing episode.