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Stingers was a long running and popular Australian drama series, with eight seasons and 192 episodes on the Nine Network Australia. Inspired by the life of a real undercover operative, Stingers is about undercover cops: people with covert lives and constantly changing identities. It reveals the shadowy and ambiguous life of police who work behind enemy lines, always without a badge and frequently without protection. The show focused on the members of the undercover unit, their professional, and their personal lives. In Seasons One and Two, the Head of Undercover was Bernie Rocca (played by Joe Petruzzi), with the other unit members being Ellen 'Mac' Mackenzie (Anita Hegh), Peter Church (Peter Phelps), Angie Piper (Kate Kendall), Oscar Stone (Ian Stenlake) and Kaye Kelso (Jessica Napier). Kaye left the unit after a close encounter with a killer, and Bernie retired in the Season 2 finale. The show was almost not renewed for a third season. In Season Three, Mac became the head of the unit, and Danni Mayo (Roxane Wilson) joined the unit. The show began to show its strength, with a successful blend of personal and professional drama, becoming a staple of Nine's Tuesday night line-up. In Season Six after Mac and Oscar's departure, the unit went through a revamp, moving its headquarters, and a new head, Luke Harris (Gary Sweet). Christina Dichiera (Jacinta Stapleton) joined the unit. Unhappy with the way the new-look unit was working, Danni left. In Season Seven, the unit got a new assistant, Sophie Novak (Katrina Milosevic) and a new constable, Leo Flynn (Daniel Frederiksen). In Season Eight, ratings began slipping when Nine moved the show to 10:30pm at night, and despite claims that it was a "viable long-term 10:30 show", and despite that production continued after the move, it was not renewed for a ninth season.moreless

    Priscilla actor Bill Hunter gravely ill

    The 71-year-old, known for his roles in hit Australian films Muriel's Wedding, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Strictly Ballroom, was admitted to a Melbourne hospice on Monday.

  • Peter Phelps

    Peter Phelps

    Peter Church

    Kate Kendall

    Kate Kendall

    Angie Piper

    Anita Hegh

    Anita Hegh

    Ellen Mackenzie (Episodes 1-110)

    Ian Stenlake

    Ian Stenlake

    Oscar Stone (Episodes 1-109)

    Gary Sweet

    Gary Sweet

    Luke Harris (Episodes 111-192)

    Jacinta Stapleton

    Jacinta Stapleton

    Christina Dichiera (Episodes 112-192)

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    • where 2 watch or downlowd it online for free?

      hey, it's a long time I've been looking for seasons 3 and up on line with no any one plz help & tell me where I can watch or downlowd it online for free with no strings attached?
    • Getting it on DVD

      Does anyone know where I can buy the series on DVD? Please notify me!

      Thank you.
    • It is an undercover team story lead by the lead character Peter Church (Peter Phelps).

      It is one of my favorite tv series all-time. Aside from its great cast, with Peter Phelps in front, the storyline, the editing and the sfx/music was superb. I love how every episode brings thrills in me. I commend Peter Phelps for giving a very good execution for his characte. The show presented a very interesting story, using crime units, like the undercover team, to bring flexible and exciting plots. Undercover stuff was not that interesting for me until I began to watch the series. It shows camaraderie and cooperation between the units of the team. And most especially,it was the only tv seriesin Australia that I seriously followed.moreless
    • What was once my favourite show...

      I used to be such a fan of Stingers. Would have given it a 10, no questions asked, but then it changed....

      The turning point was the death of Oscar. I cried, I yelled, I fumed. He was by far my favourite character ever, on any television show. In fact, I think he still is my favourite character ever - impressionable school girl that I was... who can forget their first love? I was always cheering for Oscar and Angie to hook up. They never did.

      Within a short number of weeks, Oscar, Mac and that other chick all left the show. It was then that Stingers bombed. Angie and Pete were the only ones left. I was never able to accept the new show - it was just all bad. The storylines were poor. I couldn't like the new characters enough. I stopped watching.

      For those last seasons, I would rate Stingers a 4 at the most - and that's being generous. But because I loved the show so much, I've averaged it out to an 8. WIN ruined a brilliant show. But those first few seasons will always be a favourite of mine - Ah Oscar.... To me, you will live forever!moreless
    • Why do all the good characters leave?

      I think one thing that failed this show was the fact that so many of the characters left (Except for Angie and Church)

      Getting past that I did like most of the storylines and the concept of the show.

      I would liked to have seem a few more crazy episodes where they have a bit more fun because it was always very serious.