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  • Season 8
    • After the Fact (2)
      After the Fact (2)
      Episode 28
      Angie frantically tries to clear her lover's name while Harris works equally hard to convict him as the serial killer. Chris goes undercover to find out if Kline is the serial killer, while Angie and Hunter make wedding plans.
    • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1)
      Harris' obsession with Angie's new partner spirals out of control when one of the Undercover unit falls victim to the serial killer.
    • Head On
      Head On
      Episode 26
      When Chris is involved in a car accident after a night on the town she is horrified to discover a nine year-old boy was seriously injured. Chris questions her own culpability given that she hadn't slept and her reaction times were down. Her problems escalate when the boy's mother claims Chris was in the wrong and she intends to sue. Chris doggedly pursues every lead to prove her innocence, and in the process discovers evidence that the boy's doctor may be faking medical records in order to fraudulently claim accident compensation. When Harris shuts down the investigation Sophie takes matters into her own hands and goes undercover as a patient. Fortunately her audacious move pays off and the doctor is brought to justice. Meanwhile, Harris starts to feel threatened as Angie and Sean Hunter take their relationship to the next level.moreless
    • The Year of the Snake
      The murder of an illegal immigrant leads to an undercover brothel trading in sex slaves and a missing girl suffering from Stockholm syndrome.
    • Hunting Ground
      Hunting Ground
      Episode 24
      Angie goes undercover as the long lost daughter of contract killer William Franks. A notorious assassin, Franks hasn't seen his daughter since she was a three year old and he was imprisoned for the murder of his wife. Though Angie initially has no qualms about such a deception, as she comes to know Franks she comes to believe that he's not the monster she first thought. When evidence comes to light suggesting Undercover has been wrongly targeting Franks for an intended hit on anti-Islamic pop philosopher, it appears that Angie's suspicions of Franks' innocence may be true. It's only at the eleventh hour, in a hostage situation, that Angie discovers Franks' true, heartfelt purpose.moreless
    • Random Harvest
      Random Harvest
      Episode 23
      The city erupts into violence as underworld gang members start knocking each other off - but with Flynn and Church undercover in the rival gangs, how long before one of them becomes a target?
    • End Game
      End Game
      Episode 22
      When Church misbehaves on a drug bust and is accused of corruption by an unnamed informant, he is investigated by Internal Affairs. The Undercover team unearth evidence that an IA cop is framing Church, but Harris orders them to draw a line under the investigation. Instead, he sends Megan to search Church's house, where she finds stolen goods - damning evidence that Church is corrupt. Church admits his corruption to her and in turn she admits her own. Together, they devise a plan to rip off the drug bust cocaine and escape. When Church is arrested for possession of stolen goods he and Megan are forced to bring the coke deal forward. It is only when Harris arrives at the scene of the deal that Megan realises it's a sting, and that Church is wearing a wire. She stares at Church in disbelief as she is arrested and taken away.moreless
    • Being Josh Brisbane
      While on a deep cover operation, Church is intercepted by a couple of thugs and thrown off a building. Waking in hospital with minor fractures and head trauma, Church discovers his memory has been completely wiped. He can't remember his name, how he came to fall from the roof, or anything of his past. The only clue is his driver's license, which names him as Josh Brisbane. Church soon learns Josh Brisbane is a gun for hire, contracted to take out underworld crime figure Nick Tascone. While his instincts tell him to cut and run, a confrontation with his target becomes inevitable as Tascone moves to finish the job of terminating his would-be assassin.moreless
    • Dirty Little Secrets
      Chris convinces a young prostitute to give her information about a blackmail scam at a brothel. The client she names refuses to talk, and then the prostitute is found with her tongue cut out. Angie goes undercover in the brothel as a cleaner, and is surprised to discover that Reg Masters sees a dominatrix who works there. A mortified Masters agrees to go in wired and use his relationship to set up a cocaine buy with the owner, who is none other than Steve Wylie. Wylie is brought down, which leads Harris to consider the recent events surrounding the death of Wylie's brother, who undercover believed to be a major player in the criminal world. Harris enlists Angie's help to investigate his theory that Megan Walsh is corrupt. Church refuses to consider the possibility, and it soon becomes clear why – he and Megan are lovers. Harris is forced to offer proof of Megan's treachery – she slept with him for information.moreless
    • The Good Oil
      The Good Oil
      Episode 19
      Church has established himself as the muscle in a close-knit Italian crime family, prolific producers of methamphetamines. When the head of the family discovers that his son has been seen in the company of a cop, he takes the cop hostage and orders Church to kill him. Church is horrified to discover that the cop is Harris, and that Harris has been buying opium off the son. Church manages to fake the shooting, but the son soon tracks Harris down. As the Undercovers move in to bust the family, Harris is finally forced to make a choice between his addiction on one hand, and his career and family on the other.moreless
    • Dream Machine
      Dream Machine
      Episode 18
      When Harris and Masters locate a massive quantity of cocaine in the boot on an imported U.S. Mustang, it looks like they're on the verge of a huge arrest. But things go haywire when the importer of the vehicle, property developer David Cale, refuses to take possession of the vehicle due to a small rust problem. Suddenly Harris and Masters are left holding a whole lot of coke with no-one to bust. Masters soon pulls the pin on the operation leaving Church undercover in the importer's garage without any back up. When the bad guys come calling looking for their cocaine, Church finds himself in a very sticky situation with no way out.moreless
    • I am the Walrus
      I am the Walrus
      Episode 17
      An investigation of a liquor store robbery takes an unexpected turn when one of the gang members claim they are being protected by "The Walrus", a corrupt cop. Harris suspects that the Walrus is the Head of Armed Robbery, Geoff Skinner. When Megan Walsh reveals that Skinner is her old friend and mentor, Harris begins to suspect that she may tip Skinner off, and his suspicions are heightened when Megan starts asking him questions about the case after seducing him. Meanwhile Katherine suffers an extreme bipolar episode and Harris is forced to confront the fact that their relationship is at breaking point. Katherine leaves for a posting in WA, leaving Harris shattered.moreless
    • Past Lives
      Past Lives
      Episode 16
      After meeting up with an old friend, Chris is horrified when he commits suicide and tries to prove the incident was murder.
    • Mea Culpa
      Mea Culpa
      Episode 15
      Angie's world is turned upside down when she finds her sister Sam dying after being stabbed. She sets out to find out who murdered her sister and is forced to go up against her colleagues to avenge her death.
    • Vanished
      Episode 14
      The team fears that a serial killer might be out there when the third female victim goes missing in the same hotel. Two suspects show up, but it is a new agent, Megan Walsh, that ends up taking matters into her own hands.
    • The Contract
      The Contract
      Episode 13
      Church and Gray fake the death of two people in order to sting an elusive crook known as the Coyote, only to discover they might have targeted the wrong man.
    • The Complete Package
      Church is surprised when his ex-girlfriend, Anna, turns out to be married to Ethan Stein, a man connected to a coke ring. Anna claims she is not connected, but things may not be as they seem.
    • Starlight Hotel
      Starlight Hotel
      Episode 11
      Three homeless men have been murdered, and Church goes undercover into the homeless community to track down the killer. Without the back-up of weapons or communication, Church submerges himself in this shadow world. But he quickly learns that murder might not be the only thing going on, someone is making what look like snuff movies, featuring the murdered homeless men.moreless
    • Roman Charity
      Roman Charity
      Episode 10
      Church is on the verge of discovering Luke's addiction to opium, and he soon learns that the supplier of the drugs wants to get out of jail by manipulating him. Meanwhile, the unit chief tries to bond with his newly discovered daughter, detective Marks.
    • House of Mirrors
      House of Mirrors
      Episode 9
      Harris infiltrates a psychiatric clinic as a patient in order to target a sister of a murder victim whom the team believes to be the murderer, but Harris' personal attachment to the person leads him to believe she didn't do it.
    • Break and Enter
      Break and Enter
      Episode 8
      Chris is involved in a simple case of teenage gangs until it turns into a nightmare following the death of one of the teens. The investigation turns dangerous for everyone involved, especially Chris.
    • One More Chance
      One More Chance
      Episode 7
      Angie finds herself in a difficult spot when she is the one that pushed the chain of events leading up to a murder of a drug dealer, and she finds herself under the investigation of a new detective.
    • No Man's Land
      No Man's Land
      Episode 6
      Churh goes undercover to find old artifacts stolen during the Middle East war, and when his contact is almost killed, the police has to infiltrate the consulate and prevent a second attempt on the man's life.
    • Brave New World
      Brave New World
      Episode 5
      Church risks radiation exposure in a desperate attempt to avert the detonation of a dirty bomb.
    • The River of No Return
      Harris goes undercover as a translator for a Malaysian drug cartel and descends into a world of opium smoking and prostitution.
    • Family Ties
      Family Ties
      Episode 3
      Angie and Harris face every parent's nightmare when their son Josh falls victim to a child abduction ring.
    • A Square Inside the Circle
      Harris comes up with a plan to catch Craig Levine, a mighty gangster, and sends Chris undercover, but the plan soon goes awry as the team's informant ends up dead.
    • Hammer Horror
      Hammer Horror
      Episode 1
      Flynn's old flame guides him deep into the world of body art, heroin and murder. Church tries to keep quiet about the fact that Anna left him, but Angie has her suspicions.
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