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  • where 2 watch or downlowd it online for free?

    hey, it's a long time I've been looking for seasons 3 and up on line with no any one plz help & tell me where I can watch or downlowd it online for free with no strings attached?
  • Getting it on DVD

    Does anyone know where I can buy the series on DVD? Please notify me!

    Thank you.
  • It is an undercover team story lead by the lead character Peter Church (Peter Phelps).

    It is one of my favorite tv series all-time. Aside from its great cast, with Peter Phelps in front, the storyline, the editing and the sfx/music was superb. I love how every episode brings thrills in me. I commend Peter Phelps for giving a very good execution for his characte. The show presented a very interesting story, using crime units, like the undercover team, to bring flexible and exciting plots. Undercover stuff was not that interesting for me until I began to watch the series. It shows camaraderie and cooperation between the units of the team. And most especially,it was the only tv seriesin Australia that I seriously followed.
  • What was once my favourite show...

    I used to be such a fan of Stingers. Would have given it a 10, no questions asked, but then it changed....

    The turning point was the death of Oscar. I cried, I yelled, I fumed. He was by far my favourite character ever, on any television show. In fact, I think he still is my favourite character ever - impressionable school girl that I was... who can forget their first love? I was always cheering for Oscar and Angie to hook up. They never did.

    Within a short number of weeks, Oscar, Mac and that other chick all left the show. It was then that Stingers bombed. Angie and Pete were the only ones left. I was never able to accept the new show - it was just all bad. The storylines were poor. I couldn't like the new characters enough. I stopped watching.

    For those last seasons, I would rate Stingers a 4 at the most - and that's being generous. But because I loved the show so much, I've averaged it out to an 8. WIN ruined a brilliant show. But those first few seasons will always be a favourite of mine - Ah Oscar.... To me, you will live forever!
  • Why do all the good characters leave?

    I think one thing that failed this show was the fact that so many of the characters left (Except for Angie and Church)
    Getting past that I did like most of the storylines and the concept of the show.
    I would liked to have seem a few more crazy episodes where they have a bit more fun because it was always very serious.