Season 1 Episode 7

Abnormal Psych

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 15, 1986 on NBC



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    • Lanie: Look, we're just going to talk to someone about this in the morning. because we cannot just live together for the rest of the semester.
      Ray: Well, I think it's vastly preferable to jumping into marriage. I mean, you know, you can cook and I'll clean. Or I'll take out the garbage. We'll see how it works out.
      Lanie: That is not what I meant.
      Ray: Be careful, don't let me make you smile. Before you know it, you'll going to end up liking me and it's going to ruin all this terrific fighting.

    • Ray: What do you have to do to get into the lab sessions?
      Lanie: It's a little late.
      Ray: Oh, but I'm sure you can pull a few strings for me.
      Lanie: Only if you can pull lunch.
      Ray: Oh, a favor for a favor. I kind of like that.

    • Lanie: What's going on here, are you some sort of cop?
      Ray: Do I look like a cop?
      Lanie: Hey, if you looked like one you'd be a lousy cop.

    • Nameless Master Villain: (Ray) doesn't fit any profile. You're looking at the one man who may be capable of unraveling everything you've put together.
      Brainiard: You know him?
      Nameless Master Villain: Yes, I know him. I've known him for over ten years. I created him.

    • Lanie: What is the point? Even if he can do what you're saying, what's a psych professor going to do with an army full of killers? Kill his way to tenure?

    • Nameless Master Villain: Trite to say, but "We meet again."

    • Ray: So, whose side are we on this time? Theirs? Ours?
      Nameless Master Villain: Well that's the difference between us. You still haven't learned that it's all the same. I'm on the side that matters, my side.
      Ray: That's just one of the differences between us. I'm still a member of the species.

    • Ray: It's your move.
      Nameless Master Villain: I have the gun.
      Ray: It's not your style. You'd have to wash your hands, get yourself another manicure.
      Nameless Master Villain: I do what I have to.

    • Lanie: That's great. I'm just a kid, and I've got more answers than that.
      Ray: That's cause you are a kid. You'll pick up a few question marks as you go along.
      Lanie: Your name isn't Phillip Meeker, is it?
      Ray: Probably not.
      Lanie: You're a weird guy.

  • Notes

    • Music: Slave to the Fear (Music by Mike Post, lyrics by Stephen Geyer, Performed by Kin Vassy)

    • One of Debbie's friends that Lanie mentions is Frank Lupo. Frank Lupo worked on the show and wrote an episode in season two.

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