Season 2 Episode 11

Cry Wolf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 1987 on NBC
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Cry Wolf
Ray gets drawn into a case of a drugged-up TV star, Ty Gardiner, who tries to hire him despite Ray's misgivings. Turns out Gardiner's name and celebrity were used by his unscrupulous partner to rip off both the Mafia and the Yakuza. Now that the partner has disappeared, Gardiner is left holding the bag with both sides trying to kill him, and the Feds looking for him as well.moreless

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    Renny Temple

    Renny Temple

    Arnold Dodd

    Guest Star

    Thatmus Rashulala

    Thatmus Rashulala

    FBI Agent Mutter

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    Joseph Ruskin

    Joseph Ruskin

    San de Augusta

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      • Ray: I don't work for money.
        Arnold Dodd: We understand the nature of your employment contract and the terms are acceptable to us.
        Ray: You keep saying "us"? Am I working for you as well?
        Arnold Dodd: "Us" is a term indicating Mr. Gardiner. It's an affectation of speech often used in Hollywood.

      • Arnold Dodd: I suppose under the circumstances I'll just have to take the responsibility of authorizing a personal contact.
        Ray: You always talk this way, Mr. Dodd?
        Arnold Dodd: Yes. It's annoying to some people, I know. It's just that I"m not a very emotional man. It's a shortcoming.

      • Ty: Someone's trying to kill me.
        Ray: People tried to kill Hitler too. Some of them are still highly thought of.
        Ty: I put you off.
        Ray: Yep, no doubt about it.

      • Ray: (to Ty) You can't possibly be this loony.

      • Ty: So that's the deal. A favor. What kind of jerk deal is that, why not just go for the gold?
        Ray: There's more to life than money.
        Ty: Oh yeah. Name me one thing.
        Ray: I'll name you three: love, friendship, and understanding.

      • Ty: "Introducing Stingray." I kinda like that name. Like Fabian or Cher or Charo. Just one name, no excuse, go for it.

      • Ty: Who is that guy?
        Ray: Yakuza.
        Ty: Yakuza? What the hell is a Yakuza? I don't even eat sushi.

      • Officer Marty Finback: We don't owe you squat.
        Officer Ross: Give him his call, Marty. What's it going to hurt? He's not a bad guy.
        Ray: I like you. You're gentle and kind. I wish you could have been my daddy.
        Officer Ross: Come on, be nice. It works with some guys.

      • Ty: What are waiting for?
        Ray: The police to leave.
        Ty: I guess that makes sense.
        Ray: You think?

      • Ray: Do you believe in, uh, karma?
        Ty: Sometimes I believe in karma, sometimes I don't. Depends on the girl.

      • Ty: It should have been you who got shot.
        Ray: I did. I'm not lying here to keep you company.
        Ty: Yutz.
        Ray: Yutz.

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      • Ty: I mean, Don Johnson, all the other guys, they get to wear pastels, Armani.
        Referencing actor Don Johnson, who at the time this aired was starring in Miami Vice, a show that popularized the pastel look for men in the 80s.