Season 2 Episode 11

Cry Wolf

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 1987 on NBC



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    • Ray: I don't work for money.
      Arnold Dodd: We understand the nature of your employment contract and the terms are acceptable to us.
      Ray: You keep saying "us"? Am I working for you as well?
      Arnold Dodd: "Us" is a term indicating Mr. Gardiner. It's an affectation of speech often used in Hollywood.

    • Arnold Dodd: I suppose under the circumstances I'll just have to take the responsibility of authorizing a personal contact.
      Ray: You always talk this way, Mr. Dodd?
      Arnold Dodd: Yes. It's annoying to some people, I know. It's just that I"m not a very emotional man. It's a shortcoming.

    • Ty: Someone's trying to kill me.
      Ray: People tried to kill Hitler too. Some of them are still highly thought of.
      Ty: I put you off.
      Ray: Yep, no doubt about it.

    • Ray: (to Ty) You can't possibly be this loony.

    • Ty: So that's the deal. A favor. What kind of jerk deal is that, why not just go for the gold?
      Ray: There's more to life than money.
      Ty: Oh yeah. Name me one thing.
      Ray: I'll name you three: love, friendship, and understanding.

    • Ty: "Introducing Stingray." I kinda like that name. Like Fabian or Cher or Charo. Just one name, no excuse, go for it.

    • Ty: Who is that guy?
      Ray: Yakuza.
      Ty: Yakuza? What the hell is a Yakuza? I don't even eat sushi.

    • Officer Marty Finback: We don't owe you squat.
      Officer Ross: Give him his call, Marty. What's it going to hurt? He's not a bad guy.
      Ray: I like you. You're gentle and kind. I wish you could have been my daddy.
      Officer Ross: Come on, be nice. It works with some guys.

    • Ty: What are waiting for?
      Ray: The police to leave.
      Ty: I guess that makes sense.
      Ray: You think?

    • Ray: Do you believe in, uh, karma?
      Ty: Sometimes I believe in karma, sometimes I don't. Depends on the girl.

    • Ty: It should have been you who got shot.
      Ray: I did. I'm not lying here to keep you company.
      Ty: Yutz.
      Ray: Yutz.

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  • Allusions

    • Ty: I mean, Don Johnson, all the other guys, they get to wear pastels, Armani.
      Referencing actor Don Johnson, who at the time this aired was starring in Miami Vice, a show that popularized the pastel look for men in the 80s.

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