NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • One Way Ticket to the End of the Line
      Ray comes to the aid of a crop duster pilot who gets caught in the middle when two rival marijuana growers insist that he poisoned the other's fields.
    • Caper
      Episode 14
      Ray must rescue the father of a Soviet defector who is being held captive by the Russians in the hold of an ocean liner.
    • Anytime, Anywhere
      Anytime, Anywhere
      Episode 13
      Ray travels to Vietnam where an exploding bomb blinds him, hindering his search for a statue which can provide clues to the whereabouts of American MIA's.
    • Blood Money
      Blood Money
      Episode 12
      Ray helps the principal of an urban high school prevent a gang war from erupting.
    • Cry Wolf
      Cry Wolf
      Episode 11
      Ray gets drawn into a case of a drugged-up TV star, Ty Gardiner, who tries to hire him despite Ray's misgivings. Turns out Gardiner's name and celebrity were used by his unscrupulous partner to rip off both the Mafia and the Yakuza. Now that the partner has disappeared, Gardiner is left holding the bag with both sides trying to kill him, and the Feds looking for him as well.moreless
    • Night Maneuvers
      Night Maneuvers
      Episode 10
      Ray goes undercover as an instructor at a military academy to help a student who witnessed his classmates commit murder.
    • The Second Finest Man Who Ever Lived
      Ray helps a retarded man by going undercover as a dock worker at the dock where his father was killed in a suspicious accident.
    • The Neniwa
      The Neniwa
      Episode 8
      Ray attempts to resolve a dispute between a land developer and Indians who claim the proposed building site is on sacred ground.
    • Autumn
      Episode 7
      Ray ends up in real trouble when he gets involved in a fantasy case made up by an author who needed an idea for his book.
    • The First Time is Forever
      After a TV reporter who Ray refused to help is killed, Ray decides to find out what the man was working on.
    • Echoes
      Episode 5
      An artist, a former client of Ray's, is getting threatening calls from a stalker who Ray helped her out with, years before. In fact, the guy apparently died during his final encounter with Ray the last time around. The trail leads to a relative of the first stalker who is trying to get revenge.moreless
    • Bring Me the Hand That Hit Me
      A rather dimwitted garage worker and his criminal buddy steal $700,000 from a Mafioso who launders his money through the garage which he owns. The garage worker's sister is concerned that her brother is going to blow it: he doesn't seem to realize that quitting the day after you rob your boss and going crazy spending the money on coll stuff is a bad thing. She contacts Ray, who pretends to be another dimwitted crook and tries to get the two criminals out of trouble. The brother's buddy tries to double-cross them, and eventually despite Ray's best efforts to work things out, the sister is killed by the Mafioso Godfather. Her brother is left to mourn, as Ray warns him that he'll have to repay the favor his sister owed him.moreless
    • Playback
      Episode 3
      Ray recreates a space isolation experiment to try and clear an old friend of murder charges which stem from the fact he was the sole survivor of the first experiment.
    • Gemini
      Episode 2
      Women are mysteriously being murdered by a serial killer. Each of them advertised for help using an ad for a black Stingray Corvette, and the murderer drives around in a Stingray. One of Ray's former clients, a councilwoman, helps to bring him in. Ray pulls in a favor or two to get out of jail, and begins to investigate. He eventually finds out that an old friend from his mysterious past, Edward Benton, is trying to get revenge on him. During a mission in East Germany, Benton was left behind and imprisoned and tortured as a spy. Now he is seeking to even the score. Ray tracks him down and rather then let himself capture, Benton drives his car into a wall.moreless
    • The Greeter
      The Greeter
      Episode 1
      After the head chemist at a pharmaceutical company hires Ray to look into lethal drugs being made for sale in Africa, he vanishes without a trace.
  • Season 1