Stingray - Season 1

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • That Terrible Swift Sword
    When a series of brutal prostitute murders seem to follow a revival crusade around, Ray goes undercover as a minister and gets blamed for the latest murder.
  • Less Than the Eye Can See
    While relaxing at one of his favor-ower's homes, Ray finds himself drawn into a plan by an ailing doctor to let loose a highly virulent strain of smallpox when one victim literally pulls up in front of the house. Fighting against time and the possibility of his own contagious infection, Ray dodges corrupt government officials trying to cover up the incident as he tries to prevent the scientist from infecting the local water supply with the smallpox .moreless
  • Orange Blossom
    Orange Blossom
    Episode 8
    In order to substantiate claims that a Soviet helicopter is taking patients away from a mental hospital, Ray has himself committed there.
  • Abnormal Psych
    Abnormal Psych
    Episode 7
    Ray is put on the defensive when an old enemy attacks him via college students who have been programmed to kill.
  • Sometimes You Gotta Sing the Blues
    Ray is brought in by the police, only to find out that the Captain, Nelson Riskin, wants to "hire" him, favor for favor. Riskin is being framed for his wife's murder. Helped by Riskin's assistant Candace, Ray goes undercover in a variety of guises. He eventually finds out that Riskin had incriminating information on a former Police Chief, Donald Dixon, who is now running for governor. Dixon and his squad of policemen framed Riskin. Ray escapes an execution squad, and reveals the evidence to Dixon's political backer. Dixon and his head goon try to escape, only to be stopped by Ray. At the end, Riskin is cleared but is unaware that Candace is romantically interested in him.moreless
  • Below the Line
    Below the Line
    Episode 5
    When a woman's husband disappears and everyone at the oceanic research lab he worked at claims not to know him, she turns to Ray for help.
  • Ether
    Episode 4
    Ray goes undercover at a hospital as a surgeon to discover the cause of missing records for patients who are dying there under mysterious circumstances.
  • Ancient Eyes
    Ancient Eyes
    Episode 3
    On the trail of a missing fieldworker Ray discovers a marijuana farm whose owners kill the workers when the harvest is over.
  • Stingray (2)
    Stingray (2)
    Episode 2
    In part 2, Ray manages to infiltrate the druglord's operation by posing as a rich Texan. Unfortunately, his cover is blown and he is subject to the same mental-retardation process as the druglord's other victims. Ray manages to resist the technique by focusing on similar tortures he underwent as a POW in Vietnam. In the end, Ray uses the druglord's own gold-plated car to crush him before he can make his escape to international waters. At the end, Ray disappears as mysteriously as he came, leaving D.A. Delgado to wonder who he really was.moreless
  • Stingray (1)
    Stingray (1)
    Episode 1
    An attractive district attorney asks Ray for help in dealing with a Mexican crime lord responsible for kidnapping and brainwashing several prominent people.