Stockard Channing: In Just Friends

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Susan calls her sister Victoria from the Boston airport, announces that she's left her husband Frank and is moving to L.A. Snooty Vic meets her at L.A.X and instantly condescends, proclaiming that the marriage was doomed from the start. In a montage under the opening credits, Susan gets a car, checks the classifieds, unsuccessfully interviews for several jobs and winds up at the Beverly Hills Fountain of Youth Health Spa. inside she meets owner Milt D'Angelo and his son Angelo. Milt offers her a job on the stipulation that she looks the part. Susan changes from her business suit into a T-shirt and pair of short shorts -- the position's now filled, much to Angelo's chagrin. Milt asks for Susan's assistance figuring out how their new piece of gym equipment works, and he blames Angelo for losing the instructions. As the machine sucks Susan inside and across a conveyor belt, Angelo discovers that the machine was shipped to the spa by mistake -- it's actually a canning machine. Susan goes to the spa's juice bar where she meets her coworker, Coral. After Susan reveals that she felt like her husband was "married to his job," Coral tells her that there's a vacant apartment in the building where she lives.

Susan's shown the apartment by eccentric, unemployed neighbor Leonard, and she agrees to take up residence. In a moment of weakness, she phones her now estranged husband. The next day, Leonard announces that he's throwing a welcome party for Susan (so he can swipe all of her gifts). After the guests arrive, Milt gives everyone his gift... a rubber workout belly-belt. Everyone puts them on and are on the floor trying them out when Frank arrives at the door. Mortified at the sight of Susan and her new friends writhing around on the floor, he demands that she return home with him. Susan refuses, Frank storms out, friends laugh, roll credits.