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  • Amazing Show

    Stoked is an amazing show that always entertained me and made me laugh whenever I watched it. The plotlines are always intriguing and funny, and the characters are even more hilarious! I believe that the show should've gotten more seasons, but what the creators made was amazing and I think everyone would enjoy this show!
  • best animated show ever

    its the first cartoon i watched without skipping an episode (for me thats pretty amazing cuz i always get bored of something easily i was really hoping for a season 3, 4, 5, etc. seasons and btw cartoons today arent as good anymore so hopefully they air this back on or something like this It has really good animation. Its funny and has a hint of romance (im a total sucker for romance MUST WATCH !!!
  • good caartoon

    a good cartoon that is from the creators from total drama island and 6 teen
  • Had a bunch of intresting aspects

    I really liked how the show was trying to be original with all the misadventures in a 6teen like way but I do think that there were a few too quik too fast moments. Like how Lo decided to just stay in the summer house in the series just when it was early. Still, the characters were fun, the plots were 8 out of 10 at best and the settings were well drawn.
  • cool show

    cool show dose any one know how many episodes there are?
  • bwst show ever!!

    Just finished watching all seasons of this show:) Totally liked it hope season 3 comes it needs to show more about Emma and TY like are they finely together now? Cuz they were meant for each would like to know about what happened with LO and Broseh , Reef and Fin :) plus if Johnny gets a girl or not...
  • Stoked Was Dope As Hell

    I just finished 2 seasons of Stoked and now being able to remember it all This show was dope as hell I hope they come with a third season My favorite character is Johnny Front desk guy and I was just crazy i love the show I remember when I first watch it was great now watching all 2 season it was awesome this is one of my favorite tv shows ever I hope it gets a season 3

  • So STOKED to watch Stoked Brahs

    Stoked is a pretty good show definitely a must watch if your fan of the Total Drama Series .The show is about 6 teens 4 of them just got a job at a 5 star hotel in the fictional Sunset Island ,British Colombia these teen love to surf and would often endanger their jobs to catch some waves. While some people complain the characters are too similar to 6teen but in my opinion they are enhanced versions of 6teens.

    Reef: The new surf instructor of the resort he got his nickname because he wiped out and ate coral in a surfing trip to Australia. Unlike Jonesy hes not always thinking of a get rich scheme or chasing the ladies all the time ,hes a pro surfer and can be dimwitted sometimes but in the Episode The Day the Sea Stood Still he has proven to be a strategic planner he also has crush on Fin.

    Fin: a young tanned blonde female surfer from Nova Scotia she has the same personality as Nikki but she not emo/goth Fin wanted to be the hotel's new surf instructor but got maid duties instead after Reef took the job. Reef and her often argue, trash talk ,and compete to see who the better surfer, it's also hinted she has a crush on Reef but she never admits it.

    Broseph: a Chilled out surfer who works bellhop in the hotel unlike the others (expect for Lo) he lives in the island because hes mother owns a gift shop. his personality is similar to jude but unlike jude he's not random dare deviling prankster he's funny at times and apparently uses his Afro to store his personal belongings

    Emma: Another female surfer from the Canadian Province Alberta and has never surfed before coming to Sunset Island. She has a miserable first day at her new job as a waitress in the dinning room until Broseph teaches her to surf. She has a crush on The hotel owner's son Ty but end up embarrassing herself every time she tries to get his attention ,she also can be very clumsy at times and hates her evil boss Kelly unlike jen she is not a sport loving tom boy

    Lo: The spoiled daughter of the resort's owner she threw a wild end of the school year party that thrashed the hotel and got the Canadian Police and the News attention. As punishment her father kick her out of the luxury penthouse and forced her to work at his hotel with the rest of the teens. Like Caitlin she loves going shopping and would do anything to for a new bikini but she less spoiled and selfish by end of season 1 unlike Caitlin. She and Reef start dating in season 2 despite Fins jealously.

    Johnny: something called Johnny front desk guy is senior staff member of the resort. Unlike Wyatt he not always depressed he's the nice guy of the group which Lo and sometimes Fin take advantage of. he has a crush on Emma and like her crush on Ty she never notices every time he tries to hit on her or ask her out.

    Like I said the show is great my only compliant is that some episodes are cheesy and season 1 wasn't as good as season 2 and back stories of Teens Surfers lifes before they came to Sunset Beach would've been nice but you can't have everything. Although it has a few minor problems it's not bad enough to ruin the experince, go watch Stoked Brahs you wont regret it
  • Imagine 6teen, but even stupider.

    If you have seen 6teen then you have already seen Stoked, but somehow Stoked is even dumber than 6teen. The show centers around 4 teens who love to surf, and who go to work at a hotel owned by one of the girl's dad. Notice something so far with the premise. It's exactly like 6teen except instead of a mall it's a surfer's paradise near a hotel. The characters are all generic and are stereotypical to the max. All the boys come off as generic lady hunters and selfish jerks. The girls come off as guy crazy and care about fashion and are shallow. The bosses come off as generic cruel people to their coworkers. No one has any defining characteristics to them at all. The plots are boring and done to death like a guy dressing like a girl, boring to say the least. The music is somewhat decent, but it's just filler is all. The artwork is similar to 6teen as well the animation. Even the characters look like ones from 6teen except they have tans, and have different haircuts. That is how uncreative this show is. The humor is awful gags, and unlike 6teen where one character provided some humor, all the characters tell bad jokes, and there are bad gags galore in this mess. Thankfully this show got canned after one year, and I hope that Teletoon will just stay with the Total Drama Series and not try to do anymore shows like this and 6teen. If you haven't seen this show then be grateful, and never look upon it at all. This show is nothing more than a wipe out and I am glad it's gone for good.
  • 6teen: Beach edition.

    Well, it's somewhat a spin-off and a copy of 6teen.

    Plot: Same as 6teen, the only difference is it's in a beach hotel this time. And only 4 main characters.

    Characters: Also same as 6teen, but with tanned skins. They retained their annoying generic attitude around. Voice acting is still bad, never changed.

    Humor/Drama Value: Gone more worse than 6teen.

    Art: Not joking, also same as 6teen, with the okay art and poor rate of animation.

    Overall: -1.5. Much more lower than 6teen. It has all of the trait of show 6teen.
  • I've only seen the first Two episodes, but it's pretty good.

    Stoked is about teenagers who take summer jobs at a surfing paradise where they work, and during their free time, they surf. It turns out their boss is a jerk, and they have a lot of work to do, so they don't have much time to surf. It's not the best, because I've heard the thing about the rich girl having to work and not liking the clothing/uniform they make her wear. Other wise, this show is good. It has pretty much the same animation as 6teen and some voice actors from TDI and 6teen, which makes it great because the voice actors from both of those shows are really good. I rate this a 7.5 because I've only seen the first 2 episodes, but it could improve a little bit, but it's still pretty good.
  • just a peice of sh*t no better than 6teen

    same thing as 6teen but evan worse. just like 6teen kids who all work at part time jobs at the mall this time its a hotel serisly this show is so lame the plots mainley consist on nothing more but the teeny bopper girls who can only focus on shopping and boys how cool[not] the plots of this show are so nintresting that if u can watch an whole atire episode than u get major props cuz the plots are sooooo dull really this show has to go. and relize that its nothuing more than a peice of sh*t i mean come the chaicters are even more uglyer than the charicters of 6teen
  • 6teens sign up to work at Surfer's Paradise on the Legendary Sunset beach B.C and Surf the best waves in the country. Instead what they find is a cheesey Resort, the worst jobs ever, zero respect and a run down staff house. Get a chance to win a gromfest.

    Stoked is my favorite out of the Total Drama Series! Stoked has Romance, comedy, surfing and problems face by the Teens that everyone can relate to. Problems include the worst jobs ever, hideous uniforms, zero respect, run down staff house, and trying to get an 8 out of 10 on gest e-vals (evaluations)or risk getting fired! Stoked has plenty of adventure, comedy, romance and Humiliating moments. People who do not like Stoked have no taste in Canadain made television and really should be watching crime dramas or some comedy, that's not canadian in origin. That or they really do not like cartoons!
  • Man this show makes me really wonna surf! That sunset beach real? Cuz i didn't know we had an awesome beach like that in Canada!..

    Uhh, I love fin! Shes like me, but w short hair. hahha. FINALLY THO! a girl that sticks up when sexest comments are made! the nerve of Reef! I'd probably want them together more, if he wasn't such an idiot. He deseres those kicks to the balls by Fin.
    However Emma and Ty would be soooo cute. But ubber weird for Lo...
    Sux for they guy that likes her...I keep forgetting his name. But hes so crushed. At least that mimics real life. No one get who they want. I hope he fins someone else

    Man this show makes me really wonna surf! That sunset beach real? Cuz i didn't know we had an awesome beach like that in Canada!..

    Coming from the Creators of "TDI/TDA" and "6teen" I was excited to see this show from the moment the commercial dropped. I was also skeptical because "6teen" was so great I didnt know how this would hold up. In the end I'm proud to say that this show exceeded my expectations. With a combination of Humor, Sarcasm, Relatable characters, and Fresh animation, I give this show a sturdy thumbs up. And any surfer Dude or Chick would agree. Im a guy by the way. check this show out! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Wow! So cool! (sarcasim)

    It's about teens who surf. Wow.

    First of all, the characters are too fimilar. That guy with the afro just puts a 6-inch sub into his head. What the heck? And the boys seem like pervs.

    Secondly, it seems like the show is so popular on teletoon is because they're clearly depending on Fresh TV for shows! Your gonna see the usual-teens falling in love, like in the other 2 shows! And it's on a channel where Chowder is on!

    What's with the killer whale running around!!!

    They seem so lazy, bratty, snobby, boring, creepy, abnormal, and stupid. I hope they all die.
  • A show that about surfers working at a Hotel beach paradise.

    I think the plot is a little too deep. I mean what would happen when summer ends, that would cancel the whole series. Anyway, the show is about 5 freinds that got a job at a 5-Star hotel. They got the jobs because one of the girls' dad owns the hotel. The hotel is located somewhere in Vancouver ofcourse, and its supposed to be a resort paradise with the perfect surfing sites. I forgot to mention, they all like to surf. Pretty much, its a good show but it should open up more. The animation is great, and very detailed and colorful. They voice acting is also alright. So its a good show. I consider it better than 6teen.