Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 10, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 9/17/12
      "After a long weekend, college student Kate Johnson is found lying dead on her dorm room floor. The Portland college community is shaken by this senseless murder, but police leave no stone unturned until they find the killer.
    • Morning Ambush
      Episode 25
      "Robert Taylor\'s life is cut short when he is gunned down on his way to work. As years pass, family and friends wonder if they will ever find out who killed Robert until a guilty conscious drives his killer to make a shocking confession.
    • 9/3/12
      "Rochelle Anderson, a 25-year-old single mother, is found beaten at the gas station where she works. Police wonder who could harm such a fun and friendly woman. Was it for love, for money, or just plain evil?
    • Out of the Ashes
      Episode 23
      "Lula Young, from Mississippi, was diagnosed with cancer and everyone in town is sure she will beat the disease. Suddenly, Lula dies in a fire that engulfs her home. Police soon find out that not everyone loved Lula as much as they said they did.
    • Blind Faith
      Episode 22
      "When a minister is attacked in his home, his family wonders who could take from someone who gives freely. But when the minister dies from his injuries, investigators know that while forgiveness may be divine, justice must be served.
    • 8/13/12
      Kim Dunkin's body is found in her car on New Year's Day, 1993. The scene leaves police with little to go on. After years of leads that go nowhere, authorities finally find their man - working a most unlikely profession.
    • Silent Vow
      Episode 20
      Tina Morton Clegg is working for a Portland non-profit when two men walk into her office and murder her in cold blood. Oregon police launch an investigation that leads them down into a labyrinth of bold lies, family ties, and scorned lovers.
    • One Last Ride
      Episode 19
      A young husband and father with a passion for cars, decides to sell his classic Mustang and focus on life as a family man. But he never returns from selling the car. His disappearance remains a mystery until someone with a guilty conscience comes clean.
    • Caught on Tape
      Episode 18
      Tosha Lampkin leaves her motel and never returns. Her rental car is found burning on a rural road and firefighters discover her body in the trunk. Investigators hope an image caught on the motel surveillance camera will lead them to Tosha's killer.
    • A Deadly Harvest
      Episode 17
      When highschool sweethearts disappear after attending a wedding, most people think they've eloped. But as time passes with no sign of the teens, their families begin to worry that the couple has met a more sinister fate.
    • 7/16/12
      After a night out with friends, Teresa Comfort's body is found in her car submerged in a lake. Investigators suspect Teresa's boyfriend, but his alibi checks out. Then an unexpected tip comes in, leading them to her murderer.
    • 7/9/12
      20-year-old Cathy Tameny is a single parent who works hard to provide for her young son. When Cathy is found strangled in her Anaheim apartment police are baffled, but 20 years and 2,000 miles can't hide her killer.
    • River of Death
      Episode 14
      Lisa Allison is from a small Texas town. She leaves her house bound for the local car wash but doesn't return. The next morning, her dead body is found floating in the river. This river's current brings many different suspects to the surface.
    • Man Down
      Episode 13
      When a volunteer firefighter and police officer fails to call his mother on her birthday, his family knows something is wrong. A search for his killer leads police to wonder whether if he could have been killed by friendly fire.
    • Fatal Crossroads
      Episode 12
      After 42 years of work with Boeing, Ron Whitehead's cruise control to retirement is cut short. When his body is found dead at an intersection, his family is in utter shock and what appears to be a car jacking gone wrong, is by no means, an accident.
    • Twisted Love
      Episode 11
      A pretty girl-next-door, who always had a kind word and a smile, is found dead in a field up near the quarry. Her murder was unsolved for 16 years until two detectives refused to leave any stone unturned.
    • Into the Wild
      Episode 10
      A beloved teacher and outdoorsman in Yucaipa, CA goes missing. When his truck is found abandoned on the side of the road, rumors surface about a man suffering from depression who might have fallen victim to a satanic cult.
    • 1/30/12
      When a devoted mother's body is found in a vacant apartment in Wichita, her kids struggle to make sense of it. The graphic nature of the scene tells police it was more than just random violence - this was personal.
    • Written in Blood
      Episode 8
      Life was sweet for a 25-year-old wife and expecting mother in suburban Chicago. But when she and her husband are gunned down in what looks to be a professional hit, investigators ponder if it was an assassination, or something even more sinister.
    • 1/16/12
      Jeanette Kirby is brutally stabbed to death on an afternoon walk in the park. Two days later, a second body is found in the very same park. The murders send shockwaves through the small, close-knit community and leave police searching for a killer.
    • Hunting Season
      Episode 6
      A man goes hunting never comes come back. When police find his body, they only find two bullets and a set of footprints. In Tennessee, the woods grow thick and deep - deep enough to hide a killer for 25 years.
    • 1/2/12
      A woman in reported missing in a small town in the Georgia countryside. There were a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. In small towns, everyone knows everyone else's secrets - but in this small town, this secret stays buried for far too long.
    • (In)security
      Episode 4
      A hardworking young father in Salt Lake City goes missing. His wife can't help wondering if all the newfound responsibilities have become too great for him. But when his body is found in the desert sand, police know he never left his family by choice.
    • The Mask
      Episode 3
      When a small town woman goes missing one night, people in her community are baffled. The case goes cold soon after her body is discovered. Little do police know, the identity of Lisa's killer is right under her fingertips.
    • Lethal Liason
      Episode 2
      A San Diego family is in shock when their 22-year old daughter and her baby are found strangled in her apartment. The horrible nature of this crime makes investigators and the community wonder - what animal would kill a mom and her baby?
    • Night Angel
      Episode 1
      An 18-year-old Midwestern teenager vanishes into thin air one cold December night. Her family knows that something is wrong when she doesn't come home but police can't prove any crime without a body. And that's just how her killer wants it.
  • Season 1