Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 10, 2011 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Daddy's Princess
      Episode 1
      Ali Kemp returns home for the summer to work at the local pool. One afternoon her father discovers her brutally beaten body in the swimming pool pump room. Police search without success until Ali's father comes up with an idea that leads to an arrest..
    • Checkmate
      Episode 2
      The town of Upper Merion is shaken when Ellen Robb is found brutally murdered in her own kitchen. At first glance, police suspect a robbery gone wrong. But as the investigation continues police uncover a secret that leads to an unlikely suspect.
    • Cold As Ice
      Episode 3
      In 1991, Denise Huber, a 23-year-old Californian, attends a concert but her car is later found abandoned on the highway. Her parents did not give up hope that their daughter would return until 1994 when authorities discover the heartbreaking truth about Denis' disappearance. A moving van in Arizona turned up the terrible truth.moreless
    • Closing Time
      Episode 4
      In June 2002, bar owner Jerry Monroe was found shot to death in his own Louisville, Kentucky bar. When the police arrived on the scene, they originally though his death was a random robbery. But, when Jerry's family came forward with information, the police were lead to arrest Jerry's wife Vicki and her adult son, Leslie.moreless
    • La Muerta
      Episode 5
      In the springtime of March 2000, Sophia Martinez went to an ATM machine. A surveillance camera at the ATM proved that the high school student was at that particular place at that time. William Berkley kidnapped and is later charged in the murder of Martinez. A surveillance tape and recorded confession by Berkley's friend proves his guilt.moreless
    • A Mother's Love
      Episode 6
      Debi Whitlock had it all - a career and family. But the night a killer invaded her Modesto, CA home, all of Debi's dreams died with her. It took years to find the killer - and her mother, Jacque, led the way in uncovering the truth.
    • 2/7/11
      A man is suspected of murdering his pregnant fiance?ɬÉ?¢¬Ä¬? but could this highly respected and amiable sports teacher of the local school really be capable of carrying out such an act? Some residents are certain that the police have got the wrong man and everyone is shocked by the eventual turn of events.moreless
    • Bad Karma
      Episode 8
      Michael Dojaquez, a yoga instructor in Tucson, is found shot dead on his front porch. The crime scene suggests a robbery gone bad. But the investigation reveals a web of deception and infidelity that shocks the residents of the city
    • Mortal Sin
      Episode 9
      When investigators find the body of a pregnant Texas teen - with hand-written suicide note by her side - they quickly close the investigation into her tragic death. But a grieving mother suspects something far more sinister has happened.
    • Killer Instinct
      Episode 10
      When Crystal Fay Todd, a 17-year old student in a rural South Carolina town is found brutally raped and murdered, authorities soon discover that Todd knew her killer. Thanks to Todd's popularity in the tight-knit community police took the unprecedented step of ordering widespread DNA tests, leading to shocking results.
    • Sudden Death
      Episode 11
      Sudden Death from the show Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets explores the mystery surrounding the murder of John Cateneo, gunned down by a vicious assassin. A successful plumber with his own business in Holly Hill, Florida, Cateneo's life with adoring wife and good friends seems perfect. As investigators begin to uncover clues to his murder, however, they soon find the line between friend and enemy is easily crossed. The episode originally aired on March 7, 2011.moreless
    • 3/14/11
      When Dawn Hackeney meets her future husband Nick at bible college, it seems that she has found the perfect mate. They marry and settle into life in a small town where Nick finds work as a minister at an increasingly fanatical church. When Dawn dies in a suspicious house fire on Boxing Day, a dark secret is finally revealed about the town and their church.moreless
  • Season 2