Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets

Monday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jan 10, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Speaking from the grave

    Kind of like how the ghosts of the victims would say of their time until the grave as well as possible statements of those seeking for answers and justice. So far every episode has ended with the true murderer being caught and surprisingly many had some sort of connection to the victim. One of ID shorter shows lasting about a half hour. Has a bit of the creepy feel if you think portrayals of the murdered are interesting. Not much of a reaction when justice gets served for them, their families, friends, or the communities they live, stayed, or served.
  • bad taste

    not only is the style offensive and the actors inflections while pretending to be the deceased off-putting...but the stories are poorly told. the families and victims etc...deserve better. man od the programs on ID discovery are good,this is not one of them...
  • Bad idea for a true-crime show.

    I love forensic / true-crime detective shows, however, I think 'Stolen Voices' has ventured dangerously far into the realm of bad taste. It's hard to imagine that anyone wants to see true cases "narrated by the dead?!?" I am sorry, but how creepy is it to hear the 'victim' describe how they are being murdered? Yes, the gory details uncomfortably brought to life by melodramatic voice acting. All true-crime shows, including those I like i.e. Forensic Files, The Investigators, Cold Case Files, Disappeared, etc. are morbid, don't get me wrong... but this 'voices of the dead' idea has to be the worst and most shameless gimmick yet.