Stoney Burke

Season 1 Episode 21

Point of Entry

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1963 on ABC

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  • A tense and interesting episode, but one that surprisingly doesn't lean very heavily on Jack Lord.

    Stoney gives his word to help protect a woman who is covering her role in an assassination.

    When you watch "Stoney Burke" you sometimes expect "Steve McGarrett at the rodeo", but that is really not the case. Lord is much more reserved here, not as commanding in voice, using more contractions, and often with a match in his lips. He really doesn't control the camera, nor in this installment, the action.

    What's good here is a nice sense of setting and story, a Mexican border town patrolled at one end by an American policeman (a young William Smith in a unexpectedly literate role) and a more worldly Mexican officer at the other. Their different approaches are complex, the former is scientific and the latter is shrewd and psychological. Stoney is the rube caught in the middle. Antoinette Bower (often remembered as "Sylvia" on the "Star Trek" episode "Catspaw") turns in a good performance as the woman scorned by an ousted Austrian diplomat. The opening scene is well-filmed, the eye of the assassin twitching in the rifle scope is menacing.

    Aside from stock rodeo footage and Burke saying "vaya con Dios" to the pretty girl, this episode is all about the policemen and their friendly rivalry. Fun to watch.