Storage Hunters

Tuesday 9:30 PM on truTV Premiered Jan 18, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Only for foul mouths1

    this show is rubbish, it is sooooooo fake, the main people of the show swear all the time with censor bleeps, AND IT IS SO ANNOYING! do not watch this! it gets a 1/10 with the title of RUBBISH!
  • awful

    what a horrible show - w/horrible people
  • Show is as fake as it gets.

    Want proof? There was an early episode where Brandon & Lori set off a device and smoke filled the unit and everyone was evacuated. Shortly afterward, a fire engine shows up at the facility, firefighters take over removing the dangerous device, and save the day

    The only problem is, if you watch the arrival of the fire truck in slo-mo, you can see the name of the fire dept on the side of the truck: "5 Alarm Fire Engine", a CA-based children's fire engine birthday party company.

    That's one piece of hard evidence; the token background bidders who throw out random bids, but never win a locker, tarped merchandise, staged fights, doomsday survivalist bins, and tied-up humans inside lockers are just more elements of the show that can be assumed to be faked as well.