Storage Wars: Texas

Tuesday 9:00 PM on A&E Premiered Dec 06, 2011 In Season





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  • TV treasure

    Great show! The conflict between the buyers are so funny.
  • Wish I was there

    This is the best show on TV, I wish we had them here in England. I only wish I could contact one of the bidders to ask if I can come over for a couple of days and either bid and hopefully win a bin, then I would bring home the small stuff and they can keep the big stuff, I wouldn't want anything for it, I just want to win a bin for the thrill of it. or if I could come over and just help one of the bidders to sort through their bin, just to help them and for the thrill of it. I love this show and wish I could take part, there is nothing better than sorting through boxes etc not knowing what you will find. But don't know how to contact anyone.
  • Not worth my lowest bid

    Seriously, the most annoying show ever. I don't think I've finished one episode to the end. The people are just dumb and the lockers are full of trash. Hopefully the ratings are low enough that they cancel before another season tricks late-night-zombied people into watching it.

  • Insult to ANY intelligence

    Texas version of Storage wars is an insult to anyone - - and more so to any self-respecting Texan ! ! ! ! It is totally ridiculous, stupid, not even funny - - so scripted, so full of poor acting - - not even close to the original Storage Wars - - which also is scripted, but the people are at least a little more believable (except for Darrell is just obnoxious)
  • Completely Ridiculous

    Not even close to realistic. All they have are the stereotype Texans bidding, including the fat idiot auctioneer with the cowboy hat and Texas belt buckle. The star bidders are just clowns themselves. No one in Texas wears that crap or acts that way; except the trailer trash; which is everywhere. Get real. This show is completely staged and not worth watching.
  • Fun Show

    This show reminds of what I miss about Texas. The folks are nice and you can find about anything there. I can't wait for some more shows. I need a Moe Fix!
  • what an abortion....

    This show shouldnt even be considered television. Its more heavily edited texan home video.. Not only is this show a half assed, poor casted abomination, it is so much more obviously staged. Come on, flaming art dealer finds art, two fat lards find a michilin man compressor, and worst of all, streotypical italian new yorker finds what else than guns and body armor! Please take this off tv!! Keep giving me two new episodes of storage wars on Tuesday!!

    I would have rated this lower if I could, but I am using a phone.

    Thank you everyone, I am glad to know it's not just me that despises this utter abortion. Each thing said, I have said myself on the la times website. I am hoping that a&e may have heard our crys as there is no Texas scheduled this week... Fingers crossed.
  • Just a shameless ripoff of the original

    This show should be cancelled. This needs a negative rating.

    It has an entirely different cast (which is not as good as the original). The auctioneer is not as good as Dan (from the original). The bidding is not as competitive (which means that the whole show isn't as interesting as the original). The Texas version just takes away the fun and excitement from the original Storage Wars.

    As fake as Storage Hunters and Auction Hunters are, they're a lot better than this. That's how bad the Texas version of Storage Wars is. In fact, if A&E cancels this show, I will never complain about another rerun marathon of the original Storage Wars again.
  • Absolute Trash

    I'm a huge Storage Wars fan and when I heard there would be a spin-off I was skeptical. The first thing I noticed was what a rip-off it was. The intro music to the characters. The girl tries to copy Dave's trademark 'Yup' by coming up with her own catchphrase 'Bring It'. Every time I hear her talk I throw up in my mouth. All the other fat ass characters aren't much better. These people are trash and don't deserve success. This show is garbage, and the ultimate rick roll. Whenever I hear gunshots in the intro I immediately change the channel to anything else.
  • Absolutely horrible

    None of the cast members have a genuine personality. They ALL seem to be terrible actors.

    I think I have given this show enough of a chance given how much i enjoy the original storage wars but it is just not going anywhere. Please cancel this show and maybe run more new episodes of "Storage Wars" I could even deal with some "Storage Wars out-takes" which would actually be pretty funny but please no more of the Texas version of the show!!
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