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"From Russia with Chucks" (Season 3; Episode 10)

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if there is a real active thread on the net about "Storage Wars," if there is -- please -- let me know.

    Anyway, I just finished watching this episode and found the prices set for the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers to be OUTRAGEOUSLY high! There were three pairs:

    A) White High Top, which he says is from the '70s: Looks to be in unworn condition

    B) Bars and Stars: Looks to be well worn

    C) Dale Earnhardt : Looks to be well worn

    The vintage store owner put values of $400 on (A), $300 on (B); $200 on (C).

    Now, I'm a collector and buy sneakers new and in various auctions. The prices he quoted just don't make sense. These sneakers don't go for these prices on eBay or any other auction for these prices.

    First off sneakers A and B, until Nike took over were selling retail for $30 or so and Nike just took over a few years ago. I honestly, would put a price of $25 on (A) (the White high tops) and $6-12 for (B) (the Bars and Stars) on a worn sneaker website; as for (C) (Dale specialty sneaker I'd say $10 in their present condition. In mint with the box, maybe $75.

    None of these sneakers came with their boxes and honestly, I think my prices are being generous.

    What concerns me is simple: If the prices quoted on this episode are so far off in this case, how many times are the prices this far off during other episodes.

    Anyway, thanks, and I look forward to see more threads and conversations in this forum.

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