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  • REMOVE DAVE HESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This show has lost my interest because of Dave Hester! He is a rude and obnoxious to everyone! My family and I as well as most if not all my friends have quit watching because of him! We WILL NOT watch again until he is GONE!
  • The best show on A & E

    PLEASE bring Storage Wars back on the air. It is very addictive. Many friends and I love to watch the interaction of all the characters, as well as, their finds in the lockers! We miss this show and I know it gets high ratings!! Replacement shows have fallen short of being more entertaining!! Bring back a new season of Storage Wars and in the meantime, show some reruns. I really miss the Tuesday marathons!!!!!
  • a gold mine a house of treasure

    Is this the reason why there have been an up surge in the number of storage locker "tea leafing " items of value removed by persons unknown .
  • It's a good show with a meaning

    I really like this show .Mary from Texas is a delight . What ever happened to Casey? Bring back Barry . It's entertaining and more people are checking their belongings.
  • where is barry??????

    The show is lacking without barry
  • Darrell is tacky!

    What the hell Darrell? You are a Pig, and have no manners! Sticking your dirty fingers into the cake makers icing.... WOW! Pretty tacky!
  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    Two years ago, A&E's Storage Wars came out of nowhere and quickly became one of the highest rated shows on cable. The show is extremely addictive and I watch it religiously, but why? Most people think it has something to with the mystery about what's behind the door or the hunt for buried treasure, as usual; I have a different take on things. The reason this show is as popular as is it, is the buyers themselves. Reality TV is about watching real people in real situations. We like to see people who are just like us, struggling to survive, fighting with assholes at work, etc. The cast of Storage Wars are people that we can relate to and more than that, they are interesting as hell. Every week I can't wait to see what Barry does, who Dave's gonna piss off, and what inappropriate thing Jarrod is going to say to his wife. I believe the show's popularity has little to do with what's behind the door. It's the unique and interesting cast that keeps us coming back for more. The truth is that doesn't matter if it's storage auction buyers, repo men, meter maids, or hand fisherman, what we want is people we like and can easily relate to in different situation both inside and out of the office, and Storage Wars provides that and then some.
  • good show at first quickly gets boring

    I watched probably 10 episodes of this show and quickly got bored.
  • Pretty interesting show

    Through 3 seasons, Storage Wars is certainly a show worth watching that has some very interesting bidders. Brandon and Darrell make a good team and are always an interesting duo. Brandi and Jarrod are certainly interesting on how they work together and how they balance also being husband and wife, it is fun watching Brandi trying to keep Jarrod from overbidding on units. Barry Weiss has to be the best from his interesting clothing, wild vehicles and his very funny one liners. Dave Hester really takes away from the show, he will never admit that he loses a locker to anyone only that he ran the other person up. Dave has now also been terminated from the show and I do hope this makes the show even better in the future.
  • the show is rigged

    I watched storage wars new york they covered the name of the computer with black sure the owner did not do in storage wars Brandy said she is not coming to bid on a construction unit and the end of the show what pops up a construction have been doing auctions for two years not and and you do not find what they find in EVERY SINGLE need to get real people to do this
  • jarrod shulz a man without culture

    the show is good,except for mr Jarrod shulz il a man without culture, is arrogant,is not the right person to be in the show, that is my opinion
  • pathetic

    This show is completely stupid. I bet that they stuff the lockers with stuff that they find at some other place. How come it's always one of the main people who win the locker, and not some ordinary person? It's the same garbage every time. I would rather kiss a toilet seat, then watch this show.
  • I like Jarrod, & his "wife"...

    Jarrod is the only one, who is a "normal"

    Dave is only a goes over the without (real)friends!

    Barry is OLD & is destroying all...

    & Stupid!!...
  • A Very Good Show


    Storage Wars is a very interesting show. If I had to pick between Auction Hunters and Storage Wars, I'd definitely pick SW, because it has more rivalry and the finds are much more interesting (even if some items don't completely pay for a unit).

    I can't pick a favorite bidder because all of them are interesting. I even went to the Now and Then thrift shop to meet Jarrod and Brandi during their anniversary! After all, the show does take place in Orange County, an area in which I visit a lot.

    I recommend this show. It's an entertaining show that will keep you watching, even if it is going downhill just a little bit.
  • A Storage Wars Challenge

    How about a challenge. The storage Wars cast takes on the Storage Wars Texas cast in an all out battle to see who can buy the most storage lockers in 2, half hour shows! Dave vs. Victor, head on. Barry vs. Moe. Having Moe there insures there's a doctor in the house. Lesa vs. Brandi with Jarred looking on!!!. If not an episode, maybe a pay per view. The ideas are limitless!!! I'll even offer to help write it!

    (The above just goes to prove that some people have way too much time on their hands! :) ) I
  • Dave & Jarrod lovers?

    Is it true that Dave and Jarrod are secret lovers How can you call these losers TV stars.The only one worth watching is Brandy and she can't be that bright being married to the penal membrane head Jarrod!
  • i got a woman for barry

    i have a friends who is very beatiful . she would love a be by barry side . she is thin and long blode hair if u like i can send a pic hey barry just go on my facebook and u will she her her name is linda. u can look me up at facebook under teresa toney
  • wont watch show now because of dave hester.

    I used to watch this show everyday. I like Barry, Brandi, Jarrod, Darrel and his son in the show. I hate Dave hester, that is why I won't watch it NO more, Dave ruins the show. Dave is very rude, mean, has no class, he cares for no one just his self. Dave gets off buy bidding people up. The other storage shows are nice to watch, because there is no one like Dave. Storage wars, GET RID OF HIM HE RUINS THE SHOW. If they get rid of Dave me and my family will watch the show again. Dave you are not all that you pooper scooper. Kim

  • Storage Wars follow four people who bid on unpaid storage units. It's not just about the stuff they find, but about the interaction between the bidders and game theory around it.

    Some people think the buyers are bad because they are scavengers. The previous owners signed a contract and they didn't pay their bill. Simple enough.

    Dave is cocky and is a**hole. He has the biggest wallet and often flexes his muscle to intimidate other bidders. He often bids on units he doesn't want in order to run up the price. However, he often makes the most money.
    Jarrod and Brandi are a husband and wife team with awful communication. Jarrod doesn't come across as very bright, but his wife is always playing Monday-morning quarterback. Jarrod always goes over his preset estimate. Seems like bad strategy. I can't imagine how he will stay in business. Barry seems like a decent fella, but I don't think he knows enough to claim to be a "collector."
    Darrell seems to be the brightest of the bunch. I enjoy the show, but the animosity between everyone is getting a bit much. I prefer Pawn Stars and Auction Kings. Haven't seen Auction Hunters enough to really compare.
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